CX Goalkeeper with Ian Golding – S1E27 is about boosting CX Professionals’ motivation

“If you are doing the right thing for the right reason, you have nothing to lose.”

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Ian Golding

Available on all common podcasting platforms like Apple, Google, Amazon and Spotify, additionally as a webcast on Youtube.

Ian is THE Global Customer Experience Specialist (and not expert!). He is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and the first recognized training provider by the CXPA.

He is the CEO and founder of the Customer Experience Consultancy Ldt.

My learnings:

CX is a science but not rocket science: Is not difficult to understand – corporates are overcomplicating what they are doing.

Only 2% of the participants to Ian’s courses are from the C-Suite. Why? They don’t care or CX is not enough important, or they already know enough.

However, senior leaders from Amazon attended one of Ian’s courses as they never stop to learn.

The most important competency is measurement. It is a fact-based methodology. By measuring, it is possible to improve experience. It implies financial results can be improved for a sustainable growth.

The CX team is not responsible for CX alone. EVERYONE in the company is responsible.

The CX teams should  develop capabilities, competencies, setting directions and holding the mirror. All these tasks should be performed in collaboration with business.

The 7th CX core competency is the role of CX professionals. It is not really defined in the CXPA framework. However, it helps CX practitioners developing resilience, courage, strengths and persistence to keep going.

The future of CX is the marriage between Customer Experience and Employee Experience.

His book suggestion:

– Outside In, Kerry Bodine & Harley Manning, Josh Bernoff

– Customer Journey Playbook, Jerry Angrave

Thank you, Ian Golding!

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