CX Goalkeeper with Pascal Kaufmann – S1E28 is about human level artificial intelligence

“The world belongs to younger generations. We should ask the right questions…”

Available on all common podcasting platforms like Apple, Google, Amazon and Spotify, additionally as a webcast on YouTube.

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Pascal Kaufmann

My learnings:

– It is possible to create human level AI

– Deep learning and Machine Learning will not replicate the human brain. Indeed, to create flying machine, it was not required to copy bird feathers

– The principles of intelligence need to be discovered to crack the brain code

– The brain is like a small data machine

– Today, there is no prototype able to emulate human intelligence

– Midfire will unite 300’000 talents to focus on specific questions with the final scope of cracking the brain code.

– There is a race to create human level AI

– In China, it is built for the government and in the USA for companies. The idea behind Mindfire is to build it for people. Switzerland is suited for this task.

– Speaking about ethics, it is an ethical imperative to build human AI for the people and ideally in a free country.

– Speaking about empathy. Does a machine need emotions? Do objects have feelings? – is it possible to train it. Tricking human beings by means of hormones is relatively easy (think about Oxytocin).

Pascal’s golden nugget:

We will be able to create human level AI within this decade 2020 to 2030. And I think the race about AI will be decided in this very decade. We are living in super exciting time and we should all help that it goes into the rights hands and it goes to people and not and the governments or to the companies.

Thank you, Pascal and Mindfire

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