CX Goalkeeper with Gustavo Imhof – S1E29 is about memories in customer experience

⚽️🎙💥 Experiences don’t matter, memories do.

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…The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Gustavo Imhof

Gustavo Imhof is the Customer Insights Leader at Avado and he is the Head of CX at CXAhead. Gustavo is very well known in LinkedIn and on the market for his outstanding thoughts, insights and posts on Customer Experience. He is one of the co-authors of Customer Experience 3.

We discussed his chapter of the book Customer Experience
Experiences don’t matter, memories do.

My learnings:

– There is a disconnect between what happens during an experience and what customers remember, therefore memories matter!

– Every human being remembers and elaborates experiences in a different way

– By understanding how memories work, you can design the
experiences accordingly and making moments memorable (however, you need to be smart at it)

– Some moments can completely change the evaluation of an experience (good and bad)

🎼 does it sound interesting? ⬇️ you will find the links in the comments

His book suggestion:
– Atomic habits, James Clear
– Impossible to ignore, Carmen Simon

Gustavo’s golden nugget:
Utilities are completely from external interferences thus they are completely free in designing experiences. These are not the most exciting industries.

Thank you, Gustavo!

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