CX Goalkeeper with Nick Glimsdahl – S1E30 is about “Press 1 for Nick” and Customer Service

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Nick Glimsdahl

Nick Glimsdahl is director Contact Center Solutions at VDS and host of the podcast Press 1 For Nick

My learnings:

  • Be purposeful with your time.
  • Podcasts add value for prospects, customers and for the host. It is a way to add value by having fun and serving listeners

Nick mentioned some episode which stand out based on our flow:

  • Episode 23 with Jesse Cole – Owner of Savanah Bananas. He found out that he we not in baseball business but in delivering experiences
  • Episode 16 with John DiJulius, President DiJulius Group. Use FORD (Family, Occupation, recreation and Dreams) on your employees and when you interact with customers. By writing a short note in your CRM you gain insights on your customers.
  • There are quite a lot of learning: Reducing effort, breaking silos, making it as easy as possible for customer to interact with a company.
  • Customers see a company as an entity and not the different departments.

In relation to CX and CS:

  • Employee experience has a direct correlation to customer experience
  • Be FINE – i.e.,be better than average
  • Reduce effort and focus on the customer
  • Listen to customers
  • Get feedback from customers and employees
  • Focus on business outcomes

His book suggestion:

  • Chris Voss, Never Split the differences

Note to customer service employees:

  • Do it with intent. Customers are a name and not a number
  • Have fun serving other (enjoy the process)

Note to podcasters:

  • Focus on the quality and not quantity
  • Respect your guest time

Nick’s golden nugget:

  • Listen to this podcast, listen to this specific episode, and then continue to share it with others.
  • Share success stories , even if it a small nugget, within and outside your organization.

How to contact Nick:

the list of the “nuggets” from Press 1 for Nick

If someone would like to start a podcast, here are a few great tips:

Thank you, Nick!

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