CX Goalkeeper with Michael Brandt – S1E31 is about CX in B2B

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Michael Brandt

My learnings:

  • There are a lot of CX trainings on the market. There is a need for proper recognition of the good ones.
  • The ECXO – European Customer Experience Organization has 500 members. It allows a forum for CX practitioners and CX professionals to discuss in their languages with an European flavor.

Difference between B2B and B2C:

  • It is not only one customer you need to convince several people (purchasing committee) about your product.
  • Consider the product life-cycle
  • Ensure the replacement of the existing product with the next one after the contract ends.

The relationship manager needs an in depth relationships with the customer (it’s not a contact center)

  • It starts before selling product
  • Focus on specific customer requirements and needs
  • Service recovery paradox, if you try to solve issues, the customers will understand you better.
  • Different volumes (data)

His book suggestion:

  • Customer What? Ian Golding
  • Customer Experience 3 – Writing Matters

Michael’s golden nugget:

  • Remember customers are human beings. Empathy is important. You can empathize only if you are putting yourself in the customers shoes.

How to contact Michael:

Thank you, Michael!

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