CX Goalkeeper with Peter Pirner – S1E32 is about the CX status in the DACH region and about his podcast “CX-Talks”

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Peter Pirner

Peter is the CMO of Petlando and the podcast host of CX-Talks. He passionately helps companies to create better customer experiences. He is a former domain lead at Kantar Germany.

We discussed about:

  • “CX Talks”, Peter’s podcast in German
  • The development of CX in the DACH region
  • Some tangible insights on where to start and how to progress with a CX centric transformation
  • The possible next developments in CX
  • Examples of best practices

Shared book suggestion:

  • The Convenience Revolution, Shep Hyken
  • Customer Experience 3, Writing Matters

Peter’s golden nugget:

There is no ONE solution. If you meet a guy and he says, “this is the one solution”. This is not true. Throw him out. If he asks, “what is the problem?”, his suggestion may be part of a broader solution.

How to contact Peter:

Thank you, Peter!

#customerexperience #leadership #cxgoalkeeper #cxtalks

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