CX Goalkeeper with Santhakumaran A. – S1E34 is about the CX infinite loop & the marriage of CX & EX

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Santhakumaran Atmalingam

Santhakumaran is the Founder of CX Expert Asia, an International Customer Experience Consultant, a Global Keynote Speaker and Judge at several international CX awards.

In this episode YOU will learn:

– What is the role of CX professionals and why it is like being BATMAN – How CX and astrology are linked

– What is the CX infinite loop / masterplan

– How to best design experiences and how to leverage ice creams to motivate teams

– How to leverage KANO model, the 40% rule and the King to design experiences

– The explanation of his very famous slide (the marriage between CX and EX linked to people, process and technology

… and much more

His book suggestion: – Outside-In, Kerry Bodine

– Customer What? Ian Golding

– Several motivational speeches of Tony Robbins

Santhakumaran’s golden nugget: Take CX as a movie production and apply the same processes into your business: work hard to serve your customers at your best, instill it into everybody’s heart. We are here for customers. The customers are not the problem.

How to contact Santhakumaran:

Thank you, Santha!

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