CX Goalkeeper with Adam Posner – S1E35 is about Recruiting business, the first step in the employee experience

Plan your work and work your plan, and  stay focused

Available on all common PODCASTING platforms like Apple, Google, Amazon and Spotify as well as a WEBCAST on YouTube.

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Adam Posner

Adam Posner is the Founder and President at NHP Talent Group- a boutique NY-based talent consultancy, specializing in talent access for Senior-level roles within: Digital Marketing, Media, Ecommerce, Product and Content Creation at Start-ups, Creative Agencies and Brands. He is also the host of the top global career podcast, ThePOZcast- showcasing experts to help you harness your inner tenacity to drive your life and career forward. He has produced and aired over 175 episodes with top guests like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Kara Goldin and Tucker Max to name a few.

You will learn:

  • How to successfully pivot a career into entrepreneurship
  • GaryVee’s advice to Adam which fits to everybody
  • The explanation of Adam’s values: the three “P”
  • Two big learnings of a successful recruiter
  • Several advice to candidates to prepare the interviews

… and much more

His book suggestion:

This time 2 personalities…

  • Jordan Harbinger
  • Howard Storm

Adam’s golden nugget:

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

How to contact Adam:

Thank you, Adam!

#customerexperience #leadership #recruiting #enterpreneurship #cxgoalkeeper

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