CX Goalkeeper with Maurice Fitzgerald 1st Half – S1E36 is about NPS strengths, weaknesses & its future

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Maurice Fitzgerald

Editor in Chief – Content, at OCX cognition. VP Customer Experience HP Software (retired). Former manager of the 23,000-member Net Promoter System (NPS) Forum on LinkedIn. Helping companies to improve customer experience and their methods of developing and implementing business strategy. Achieving this by coaching, speaking, blogging and writing.

You will learn:

– The mismatch between inside-out and outside-in view based on Maurice experience

– NPS is not dead

– NPS is a generally accepted metric

– The strengths of NPS and related weaknesses

– The right 3 questions to ask to get valuable feedback

– What really “action” mean

… and much more

Please don’t forget the second half of this match, sorry interview, will be published next week.

How to contact Maurice:

Thank you Maurice!

#cx #customerexperience #loyalty #cxgoalkeeper #nps

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