CX Goalkeeper and the ECXO with Jeff Sheehan – S1E39 is about Customer Experience Management Field Manual: The Guide For Building Your Top Performing CX Program

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You can find the book Customer Experience Management Field Manual: The Guide For Building Your Top Performing CX Program, Jeff Sheehan here:

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The CX Goalkeeper podcast:

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Beta testing is a key success factor for creating amazing experiences. Jeff asked 140 CX professionals to review his manuscript and roughly 30% helped him!

Think about the power of having such a great community!

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The CX Goalkeeper in collaboration with the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) had a smart discussion with JEFF SHEEHAN

Jeff is a customer experience (CX) practitioner, CX author, and an active member of the global CX community as he is an Ambassador of the ECXO

In this episode you will learn:

– Some highlights on the ECXO

– The book “Customer Experience Management Field Manual” is structured in short chapters leveraging the experience of the same way on how field manuals from the military were created

– Writing a book is also an experience. Jeff leveraged beta readers from the outstanding CX community to improve his manuscript.

– The book is for everybody working in the CX field. It should stay on your desk as a reference for your daily jobs

… and much more

His book suggestion:
The Best Service is No Service, 2008; B. Price, D. Jaffe

Jeff’s golden nugget:
Everyone has a book inside, which need to be written. Write your book, leave your legacy.

Thank you, Jeff!

Thank you European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO)

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