BIZSHUI: Blending Feng Shui & Business with Claire Boscq-Scott E47 1st HALF

Episode released on: 8. November 2021

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CX Goalkeeper with Claire Boscq-Scott – First Half – E47 is about BIZ-SHUI – blending Feng Shui & Business Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Claire Boscq-Scott

LinkedIn Headline: Turn People & Places into Prosperity using my BIZSHUI Method, blending Feng Shui Principles with Business & Personal needs #KeynoteSpeaker #CX #EX #Fengshui

I split the discussion in 2 episodes, stay tuned also for the second part next week!

In this episode you will learn:

– Feng Shui applied into Business and BIZ-SHUI

– The importance of the intersection among Customer Experience, Physical environment and personal state of being

– The role of colors in business

– The relevance of the physical environment

… and much more

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Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness; Karen Rauch Carter

All the books of Davina MacKail as Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy OR Feng Shui: Create Health, Wealth and Happiness Through the Power of Your Home (Hay House Basics)

High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, Brendon Burchard

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“Be the change you want to see in the world” M. Gandhi

“Be the change you want to see in the world from M. Gandhi” @ClaireBoscq on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast

Thank you, Claire!

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Gregorio Uglioni 0:00
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the CX Goalkeeper podcast. Your host, Gregorio Uglioni qill have small discussions with experts, thought leaders and friends on customer experience, transformation, innovation and leadership. I hope you will enjoy the next episode.

Ladies and gentlemen, really, really a big pleasure to have Claire Buscq-Scott. With me this evening. Hi, Claire.

Claire Buscq-Scott 0:31
Hallo there, how are you?

Gregorio Uglioni 0:33
I am really thrilled to have the discussion with you. With you, Claire, the business owner of BIZSHUI, but also newly as CEO. You mentioned that earlier, really happy really thrilled for you. Congratulation for your new positions, perhaps for the audience that is not yet aware of your neurons. Could you please introduce yourself?

Claire Buscq-Scott 0:58
Sure. So my name is Claire Buscq-Scott. I am French originally but I have been living on a little island, which is called Jersey for Well, I first came here 30 years ago when I was 18. That’s, that gives you all my age already. Right. I kind of fell in love. I was doing summer seasons here and going back to France in the winter. And then I worked for Disney World in Epcot Center in Florida, came back to England, and then I moved to Jersey 20 years ago. And that was at the time I was running hotels. So I’ve always been in the hospitality industry. I’ve done my Cajun school. And my dad had a restaurant so I was carrying played from about the age of seven. So you know, when you’re in that industry, you either love it or hate it right? And loved it. I love the interaction with people, I love seeing them happy. I love seeing them coming back. And it was always something that, you know, I wanted to do, until my life kind of went into the CX industry about 12 years ago when I started my business as a as a mystery shopper first. And then you know, I went more into the customer experience the employee experience the training side of it and kind of the keynote presentation and the consulting afterwards. So yes, it’s a it’s been a three decade of exciting kind of opportunities and and this week were last week of all this week then yesterday, my my first day as the CEO of the jersey hospitality association. So on my little island of Jersey, the Association of looks after all the hospitality the tourism and leisure as well.

Gregorio Uglioni 2:47
And again, really congratulation I allowed to say not only for myself, but also from all the audience in the CX community, very well done and well deserved. We are also in the pre discussion, and it was really an outstanding discussion, you were able to link feng shui to the business. And let’s let’s first start also with a bit of history of debt on on my side, when you mentioned that the first time I was really thinking financially, I already heard something about that. And then I was thinking, okay, my mother told me that we need to have something like and sorry, if I’m making some mistakes, we need to have something water in the house. And then it was a discussion about how to, to put the bed in the right way to get the right yeah. And then was also something let’s decorate our door at the entrance because this is the first impression. Okay, let’s start putting them together and understand how it could work also in business, and then I watched one of your presentation and then it was really for me clear. Now I would like to make that a bit more understandable or so forth for the audience for people not really knowing that. Where did this idea came into link financially to business?

Claire Buscq-Scott 4:13
You know, everything, everything in life around us are inside us. It’s all about energy, right? So when you feel good in yourself, you’re going to be happy, you’re going to be skipping to work, you’re going to give great service, you’re going to feel good, right? And you know when you feel good, people know it and you know you give great service and they’ll come back they’ll recommend you and you know that kind of that makes sense, right? It’s quite simple, you feel good, you’re going to give great service that’s quite simple. And what people don’t realize is art on Vironment has a direct effect on our emotions and our subconscious. So if you have an environment which is dark, which is gray, which has no window, which is dirty, which smells? Well, you know, subconsciously, physically, emotionally, mentally, you’re going to be drained because you have no uplifting energy around you. And it’s just that really dark, bad energy, just you know, and that’s going to take you down and down and down. And so, the fixture, I’ve been practicing it for 10 years. And I kind of hidden it right? Because I’ve always thought it was talking about Feng Shui people have gone, oh, Claire’s, got all woowoo kind of things, right. And so I kind of talked about it around on variable psychology, and you know, people kind of corporate will kind of look at it, say, oh, okay, I kind of get what you’re trying to say. And really, they share with a pandemic, and everything that was happening. I just thought, you know, what, if now is the moment that we need to help people create better environment, now, it is the moment right, you know, everybody’s been moved, everybody’s had had to work from home from a kitchen table from the side of a bed, having to share with five or six other people in a home. And that has affected so many people in so many, so many levels, and it’s still affecting people now. Because now you have that kind of mix that blend between half back in the office half back here, actually, people start to get used to working from home started to have some habits, now they’ve got to go back in the office, a lot of anxiety, a lot of, you know, that kind of subconscious emotions that you know, you not necessarily know why it’s there, but it’s there. And that has a lot to do with our environment. So I’m in that’s kind of where I started bringing that BIZ-SHUI, which is looking at the physical environment of somebody, whether it’s an organization or an individual, then looking at their personal state of being so if you feel good outside, and you feel good inside, you’re gonna feel good with others. And that’s kind of how the three kind of linked with each other, and the ultimate, you know, because obviously, you and I talk about customer experience, you know, the ultimate purpose of that is still to deliver amazing customer experiences. But it’s a, it’s an extra way to get there, right. It’s an extra way together that not everybody think about, you know, that environment affect us as people.

Gregorio Uglioni 7:36
It’s really interesting. And I really like this way to come in from another side. Because in customer experience, we are always speaking about to differentiate ourselves from the ever look at my background, I look at your background for me, it’s clear, it’s clear, Claire feng-shui. This is this is the link and it was really outstanding to see how you were able to live that if I understand well, also from your courses SHUI means energy where is the source of your personal energy Claire?

Claire Buscq-Scott 8:11
Yes, I’ve been asked that very, very often. I don’t know it’s a really is I’ve got a cheer inside desire, you know, burning inside me to help people you know, I think I think everything in life is about relationship, right? You know, you will, you want to connect, you want to help people and when a pandemic arrived, Gregorio, I lost all my business in three days. Last March, everything is gone in three days, 12 years in business, not yet. Everything gone. And you’re like, you know, that was probably the worst place and the worst time in my life because no one needed my help, or couldn’t help anybody. You know, that was kind of that situation. And this is what I this is what I love doing. You know, I love connecting with people. So I also get energy from people you know, so you get energy from the outside, I loo love walking in the morning, I get up at six o’clock well just before six o’clock so I can go for an hour walk. I love standing by the sun and just getting the energy from nature as well you know, it’s beautiful. And then the more you the more you do that the more you can give and share that energy as well with others, you know, you kind of you you’re bringing in and then you’re giving it out again it’s it’s it’s a beautiful way to kind of keep your batteries going as well.

Gregorio Uglioni 9:45
I really like what you’re saying and it’s similar to me and linked also what what you’re explaining, coming into the Home Office situation trying to create new outputs trying to split my personal life with my business lines. If, and as you said, you go out one hour for walking, I go out only half an hour for jogging, and therefore I run, but this is really for me getting energy that I can use during the day. And my wife came to me and said, since you started doing that you have more energy. And this is a positive, a positive energy, it was difficult to understand. But when you are doing that on a daily basis, because it’s good enough of it, then then it’s easier. And and I think what you’re saying make make completely sense. And if I understand well, and remember, well, you have quite a lot of yellow, you’re reading a yellow. And then you have also coat, yellow behind you. It’s also linked to energy, correct?

Claire Buscq-Scott 10:45
Yeah, so again, you know, when you’re kind of looking at Feng Shui, you know, it’s so feng shui is wind and water. So there’s kind of that that’s literally the two words that you know, but in, in Feng Shui, like your mother was telling you, there’s kind of five elements and the five elements of nature that the Chinese knew they couldn’t live outside, otherwise, they’ll get eaten by animals. So they had, but they wanted to bring the nature inside. So in any environment, we want to have some water, the water feeds the wood, wood fits Fire, fire feeds Earth, and Earth, feeds metal and metal feeds water. So the five elements and within ourselves, we all have some of those elements, which are a little bit more pronounced from one person to the other. So guess what mine is. So mine is my, my main element is fire. Right? So actually, you know, for me, I’m always I’m always on the go, I’m always, you know, doing something, but you can’t be like 100% 100 miles an hour all the time, right? Otherwise, you know, your batteries will get charged. So going for a walk by the sea, walking my feet in the sand will ground me because obviously the water turns down the fire. And so does the the earth, right. So being able to understand what your element is, whether it’s within your home on Vironment or whether it’s in yourself, it’s a very powerful way. So, you know, Gregorio, you do when you do teamwork, and things like that you will do for insight, you do the colors, you know, so you’re understanding how your teams are working. So you have a red one, and you may have the yellows and you may have the blues. But we we kind of confectionery we kind of do the same thing. But it’s more with a, the elements of nature. And from that, you can understand how you communicate and how you communicate with others. How do you ground yourself how to calm yourself? How do you need a bit of excitement in the nation, and colors is so powerful, it really is. So actually, if you’re going for an interview, or if you’re going for pitch, wear red, right? Red is a fire color, you can just wear your knickers and bright red is fine, you don’t have to wear wear it outside, you can wear it inside, right. So using those elements of nature as well will help you feel good by just wearing those different colors. So for me, yes, the yellow is is my brand color, I feel good. When I go on stage, I’ve got my yellow shoes, my yellow, my yellow jacket, you know, and it really kind of gives me that energy to power that certain kind of things when you’re walking in some way. I’ve got a friend of mine, she loves to read. So the ratio of walk in and you’re just like, wow, you know, it really kind of it brings that power into it. So when you’re creating your brand as a business, you know, look at the color that you’re using, what is it that you want to connect with your customers, you know, and everything is about connecting on an emotional level. So whether you connecting through the senses, you know, what do you smell? What can you hear? What can you touch, the five senses are direct drivers to your customers. So creating a brand, which is going to connect with your customers or their emotional level is very, very powerful.

Gregorio Uglioni 14:32
I fully I have also some red, like, basically, and I think this is a really old fashioned joke but I need to say that now that you’re a CEO, you will also we have the red tie because often the CEOs wear red tie and perhaps it’s something that you will get in future, job by side and sorry for being so old fashioned with this. I think what what you were saying is really key because some years ago, we were always saying, we need as business to walk in customer shoes. But nowadays, it’s not enough to walk in customer shoes, we need to feel smell, and all these feelings, we need to feel them as the customer because we are really in a new, a new a new setup and then in a new world. And therefore, I really think that also your model that you prepare with bit surely it’s really interesting is split in three main groups, the physical environment that you mentioned earlier, the customer experience side that you mentioned, in a personal state of being, I would like to quickly walk through these three main groups with you, can we please start with the physical environments, and what I would like is also for the audience, if you have also some example a practical example that that you could show us because this brings really value added. If somebody wants to have really the details, please contact Claire or we will share also the web by page of pitch we in the in the in the podcast notes more than happy to create all the connections.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
Thank you, Gregorio. Yes, no, it’s, it’s an interesting thing, really, because throughout, you know, my, when I had my business, I created a strategy called caring service quarter strategy, and there was four elements to it assess. Once you’ve assessed and understood what people wanted, what they had, the environment was then what the customers wanted, then you could start developing some strategies, then you implement a train, and then you measure so those were my kind of four areas that you know, I was kind of when I go into a business organization, we would do those, those four areas, and the environment, you know, whether you assessing how it is. So for me a mystery shopper, you know, it’s a very important part of it, right? You walking in somewhere, you know, what can you see? What can you hear? Does it smells good? Do my eyes kind of go shine? And do I want to go and buy something. And this is where you start, you know, doing a different kinds of assessment with your customers, because you are connecting with those five senses. So first, we would assess and understand where where the business is. Or if it’s an individual, we would do the same thing. Where are they in the business at the moment where you know how they’re feeling at this moment in time. So then, you know, the second big thing is all it’s all about clutter. So you probably heard me talk about clutter. But, you know, clutter is bad energy, right? You if you have mess everywhere, you can find things right? If you have a mess in your desktop, you’re gonna find your file it can be, your computer’s going to be slow, right, if you start clearing files, your computer start gonna start working again. Well, you know, it’s the same thing with your filing cabinet and clients that you haven’t seen for 10 years where they’re too afraid fridge and you want to empty your fridge and cleanse it, whether it’s your computer desk, or whether it’s your home office or home, you know, keeping clutter, keeping an eye on clutter is very, very important because it will start making you keeping you down and stopping you from having different opportunities. So, second step is looking at the clutter and decluttering. And then when you know once you’ve decluttered and you’ve got a nice space, you can start adding some cures. So like your mother was saying, you know, yes, look at your front door. You know, the front door is the first thing that people see right you walk into a shop, you want to have the windows gorgeous, you want to have that front door which opens up and it smells good and you know you want to be attracted in it. So the front door is a big thing you know, you want to be able to sweat the floor so it’s nice and clean and welcoming you know when you coming in, you know or is it locked and you can’t actually get in or this one door this window this cigarette butts everywhere. It’s inviting, right? So you know, things like that are very important. And then you can look at, you know, maybe specific you know, area so if we’re looking at an office desk or a home office, for example, you were talking about your bed and the position of your bed. Well with an office, the position of your desk is very important. You need to be in a commanding position. Have you ever seen a CEO of a Fortune 500 with his head facing the wall? Right? Never.

Claire Buscq-Scott 19:45
Okay, they’ve got the big desk they’ve got the big you know, they’ve got the wool in their. In their back, they can see who’s coming in the door. Then control them charge well, whether your foot fortune 500 or Whether it’s yourself in your office, you need to have that commanding position as well. Because then you see people coming through the door, your body keeps your safe, that’s all it does all day. So give your body a rest, and make sure that you know everywhere in you have the right position, and you can see people coming in, you’re safe. And then you can work in a very, very good way. So that’s a really, really important part of things. And then you can add things. So you know, you can add a diffusers and put some essential oils, you know, if you’re feeling a bit tired, and you want a bit of energy, you know, put a little bit of orange on your wrist and just rub it, oh, it’s just beautiful. It’s just get you going. If you’re feeling that you want to be of rest and actually calm down a bit, you know, use a bit of lavender, you know, so using those kind of things, adding some cures, removing some things will really shift the energy. So, again, using colors, you talked about yellow, you know, if your office is a bit doom and gloom, right, add a bit of fire in it, you know, I had a bit of red, you know, painting up, turn up some lights and some candles, and really kind of look at how do you feel in that space? Are you feeling energized? Are you feeling drained? You know, and so it’s really important to feel that space, just like you were saying, for our customers, it’s the same for our employees. And our customers, they need to feel good in their space. So they can either buy from you stay more longer because it feels good. Or your employees, well, if they feel good, they will sell more, they’ll be happier, they’ll want to come back the next day, I’m wandering off sick all the time, you know, that’s their well being that is looked after, from you know, from perhaps a place that you never thought that would affect them.

Gregorio Uglioni 22:01
I think what you’re saying makes total sense. And only to add that because you didn’t state that it’s not only about the physical environment, but it’s also about the digital environment. If customers goes to a web page or open an app, the first impression really counts. If the first page of the Wall of your web page is crap, then nobody’s going to click somewhere or to buy your products because it’s not understandable. It’s too complex to navigate. You don’t find the information that you need, and I’m fully happy with you.

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