BIZSHUI: blending Feng Shui & Business with Claire Boscq-Scott – E48 2. Half

Episode released on: 15. November 2021

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CX Goalkeeper & Claire Boscq-Scott, 2nd Half- E48 is about BIZSHUI – blending Feng Shui & Business Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Claire Boscq-Scott

LinkedIn Headline: Turn People & Places into Prosperity using my BIZSHUI Method, blending Feng Shui Principles with Business & Personal needs #KeynoteSpeaker #CX #EX #Fengshui

I split the discussion in 2 episodes, the first episode went live last week!

In this episode you will learn:

  • When you feel good, you listen to, you have empathy, you inspire people
  • Make sure that your employees (mentally emotionally and physically) feel well, they will take care of your customers and they will stay longer with you
  • The way we think affects the way we feel and affects the way we behave and vice versa.
  • The Business Energy Map which representing 9 areas of your life can be used as objective setting tool too

and much more…

Book Suggestion:

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness; Karen Rauch Carter

All the books of Davina MacKail as Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy OR Feng Shui: Create Health, Wealth and Happiness Through the Power of Your Home (Hay House Basics)

High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, Brendon Burchard

How to contact Claire:

Claire’s books:

Her Golden Nugget:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” M. Gandhi

“Be the change you want to see in the world from M. Gandhi” @ClaireBoscq on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast

Thank you, Claire!

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Gregorio Uglioni 0:00
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the CX Goalkeeper podcast. your host, Gregorio Uglioni, will have a small discussion with experts, thought leaders, and friends on customer experience, transformation, innovation and leadership. I hope you will enjoy the next episode.

The second, the second topic on your big three or being the twist three main groups is the customer is Cx CX customer experience, new US also developed that in communication team and customers, could you please elaborate a bit on that and really using again, as you did some example.

Claire Buscq-Scott 0:44
So, so it comes back to you know, so the beginning of agile said, you know, if your environment supports you, you’re going to feel good inside, you’re going to feel good in yourself, and you’re getting to get that great service. So, you know, when you feel good, you’ve got great communication, you’ll listen to people, you’ll have empathy, you know, you’ll be able to tell a story, you’re inspiring people, if you’re CEO of a company, you know, you’re going to inspire your employees to come with you on that journey. And looking at you know, your team, you want your team to be inspired, you want to, you know, we’ve seen through through the pandemics, so much care and so much love from some companies. And some terrible, terrible example of others, right. And you see the companies really took care of their team and really to do, did all those small things to make them feel valued, make them feel a part of a team, that’s when you get your team together, for bad and for worth, keep your team together by inspiring them by showing them that you care for them. And then they’ll give you in return, they’ll give great customer experience, they really will look after your customers. They won’t even you know, they’ll want to be here. That’s the thing when you love what you do you want to be here. Right? And so the team is, and you know, I think I’m sure you’ve had that that question. Is it the team first? So there’s the customers first? Is it employees first? So is it the customers first, right, you know, and then we always get that communicate that questions when you’re in CX, but you know, if you’re running a business, and you haven’t got a team, which is engaged, you’ve not looked after them, and they don’t feel valued, they’re never going to deliver a great customer experience, right? However, amazing customer journey, or how much money you’ve spent to understand all the touch points and all that kind of things. If you haven’t got a team, who generally wants to be here and really want to be doing what’s best. That’s never going to work. So you know, working with them, making sure they feel good, and making sure they’re well being a careful, mentally, emotionally, physically, this is what you know, the corporate surveillance organization has got a duty of care, they have got a duty of care for their employees. And it’s that responsibility, the more you know, if you really do it, companies will thrive because people feel cared for and they know, you know, they they won’t be moving and shifting from one company to another because they know they’re being valued for what they’re doing.

Gregorio Uglioni 3:31
I fully agree with you. And I am also of two opinion that if I really need to decide customer first or employee first, I think employees should take care of the customers and that customer will take care of the shareholders. And as you said, if you have an employee sitting in a dark room in two meters, those two meters small room or everything dark, quite difficult system to use, then it’s not possible that they deliver this superior customer experience that our customers are expecting. And then I think what you’re saying make make really sense. The last piece is this personal state of being you mentioned cognitive emotions and behavior. I think this is from understanding a bit difficult to understand and to digest. Could you please elaborate a bit on that?

Claire Buscq-Scott 4:24
Sure. So you know, Gregorio, the way we think, affect the way we feel and affect the way we behave, and vice versa. So as you’re behaving in a negative manner, you’re going to think negatively, you’re going to feel negatively. If you get up in the morning, you go for a run, the sun is shining, you know you’re just going you’re full of energy, you’re going to be going great, you’re going to feel great inside you’re going to be be having a really fantastic behavior against people. You know, with your attitude, and you’re going to be sharing this. So this is the things that’s our state of being is affected by the three. And we need to be able to use tools and techniques, you know, so I’m an NLP practitioner. Over the years, I did some resilience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, you know, really kind of teaching or learning how to be more performance. So habits, right? What are your habits in the morning? What are your habits and evenings? What you know, do you do to everyday to feel grateful for, you know, and really creating those habits? Were you performing better, because you have a routine and you’re doing things that makes you happy, brings you joy, you know, and that’s really kind of important. And, and, gosh, you know, people that, you know, if you’re watching, and you say, Oh, that’s easy for UK, you know, you always have energy, well, I tell you what, you know, 18 months ago, I wasn’t full of energy. And you can ask my friends and my family, my family has been supporting me, I went down that hole, and I went down, and I hit down, you know, and I hate it. And when you’re that low, you know, no matter how people tell you, you’ve got to be positive, you’ve got to, you know, think forward. And when you’re down there, you know, people just you know, you just don’t get it, you know, you can’t push yourself out. And actually, it’s those little everyday things that you’re going to do, making, being grateful for one thing one day, then two things the next day, start looking around and start, you know, realizing the great things that you have around you start moving forward. So we talked about resilience or bouncing back. But no, we want to bounce forward, you know, let’s learn from it. Let’s move forward, this didn’t work, how can I improve, being able to take that time to pause and again, you know, mindfulness, it’s a, it’s a powerful, powerful tool that we’re not using enough. And once you start, it’s really hard. I mean, it’s taken me years to really kind of do it in a way that I just, I don’t have to think about it, I’ve just going out moments, because I know, it’s good for me. So every lunchtime, I break 30 minutes, just to go and pose. Even if it’s just five minutes, go and pose, you know, every hour ticket five minutes, break, get up, go and have a drink, you know, get those habits into your life. So you really kind of bring in those positive habits in your life. And then you can start feeling good in yourself, you think good, and you’re going to behave in a good positive manner. So there’s so much there that can be done in terms of your own personal state of being, you know, and they all work together, right? So I’ve working with some mind mindset coaches, which do a lot of work in inner energy work. And we do we do a bit of partnership. And so they kind of refer me to their client, because if their clients are doing some work, inner, but then the outer energy is full of rubbish, right? Then never gonna move forward. Okay, so they are all working together, the environment will affect the people affect you inside. And if you feel good, you’re going to get that great experience. It’s so simple, right?

Gregorio Uglioni 8:37
extremely! I will start now doing that. No, but I agree. I think what you’re saying it’s really nice. I’m only making my last example or taking my last example, what you say is being grateful at the end of the day for something even if it’s something something small, I have a small child and when he was really days old, not speaking about months or years now is four years old, but it was super stressful was the first child we were working with it is to do and that and it was really so stressful. And my mother again is example told me but you should be grateful that your son is one day older. It means and then I really realized Yes, she’s she’s right.

Claire Buscq-Scott 9:27
They’re often they’re often are, mothers, aren’t them. We don’t want to tell him too often but they often are.

Gregorio Uglioni 9:35
I need to pay attention because my mother is listening to my podcast and for sure she she’s super right. And I want to respect also your time but I would like to ask some some additional question. What you shared also in the webcast is the business energy map these nine different topics that relevant. Now, instead of saying, Could you please elaborate on every one of them? I will share all the links, but from these nine, which are, which is the most important for you?

Claire Buscq-Scott 10:14
Oh, well, for me personally, yes. Oh, this is really that’s a really hard one, actually, because they’re all interlinked with each other. But actually, if it right here right now, and I actually, this week, with the change that I’ve had in my career, the career area has been a big, massive focus. And last few weeks ago, I looked at my career area, which is my entrance, and I added some water in there, I did a diffusers in there, I had a little red Buddha, and I was turning on and off the lights, you know, just to bring that energy, give a nice clean to my door. You know, I’ve got a little bell outside. So I wanted to bring some new energy into my career. And and look. Look what happened. So my whole career has completely changed. Maybe it went a bit too much, then.

Gregorio Uglioni 11:22
Could you please share exactly all the changes that you did? Because we are going all to do?

Claire Buscq-Scott 11:27
Yes. So you know, when you go to Chinese restaurants, right? There’s always a fish dunk. Okay, but so fish or water is all about prosperities all of our money, but so needs to be kind of a nice watery, kind of fresh water, not dirty kind of things, right. So in a career area, so when you walk in, whether it’s your office, or whether it’s your home, the front door, if it’s in the middle, that’s the the math of the sheet. So this will be the career area. And so there, it’d be good to have some water. So perhaps it can be a painting, it doesn’t have to be a fish tank. But it can be a painting of water, you know, it could be a nice kind of river falling or, you know, something with water or something with fish. You know, if, if you’re like fish, I’ve actually use my diffusers, so I’ve got a little diffusers, which you put water in, and I put some essential oil in, and you turn it on. So it kind of makes bubbles, you know, so you make some beautiful little nose, it smells beautiful. And then same time it’s water. So it’s a magic diffuser. So depending on which areas, this is what the power of Feng Shui brings, if you want more money, you will look at the top left hand side of your office or your home. And then you will add some cures for bringing more prosperity. So you may, you know, put a big loaf of cash in there or a little monetary or you know, anything that represent money. So it really kind of depends off of where you are. And when I work with clients, that’s the first thing that we do. So remember I was saying about assessing the first thing we’re assessing, and we will assess the client’s the individual and saying, Well are you in your life in those nine areas? So on a nought to 10? Where are you in your career, in your relationships, and in your family? And so once you’ve got that understanding of where they think they are, then you can add some extra cures here and there in the right place.

Gregorio Uglioni 13:38
And asking real experts do you have for these nine areas, weekly targets or a yearly targets or monthly targets. How are you practicing that?

Claire Buscq-Scott 13:50
Whoa, yes. So now it’s taking to the next level, right? Gregorio So, yes, this nine areas of your life then you can start using them as your vision board, you can start using them as your objective your monthly objective your weekly objective, right? So, in my prosperity area, what do I want to achieve for this month? What is the kind of money do you want? $10,000 do you want $5,000? Do you want $50,000 right in your fame and reputation, do you want to won an award or do you want maybe to be in the paper? What is it that you want to bring? So once you start using that as your objective setting, this is where the power of Feng Shui comes to life because you will add things with intentions. So you will remove things when you declutter. So you can leave the space for something else. And then you add, you know, a cure or remedies a color, an ornament into a specific area, because you’ve got an intention. for it, and that’s when it becomes very, very powerful. When you do your objective that way, it’s so much clearer because you exactly know where you’re going for each of the areas. So if you want to learn things develop, you know, new skills, you will put it in your, you know, self development and knowledge, what is it that you want to achieve in that area for this particular month. Very, very powerful to do that. And the best time to do it now, right, yesterday was a new moon. So doing your monthly objective on a New Moon is the best time because you’re planting the seeds in a new moon, and the full moon, you collecting what you what you what has just grown. So it’s, it’s really good to use the energy from the outside to also help you know, with your own energy.

Gregorio Uglioni 15:56
Thank you very much. It was really super interesting. Now I will ask, I will ask the last three questions a bit more about you to learn a bit about about you. And it was really outstanding discussion, we learn a lot. And I hope that people can really practice and then also share their learnings about what what they are doing. Because at the end, it’s not something expensive that you need to invent to invest a lot of money. But small changes small amendments is more then tailored steps in order to achieve what people want to achieve. And sometimes it’s career sometimes it’s the money something is something different. Therefore, thank you very much. Perhaps Is there a book that you say this afternoon during my career that you would like to share with the audience? And this is something that also older people could profit?

Unknown Speaker 16:49
Apart from my books? Of course, yeah.

Claire Buscq-Scott 16:54
Yes, well, obviously, there’s a couple of Feng Shui books, which you know, that you can go and check out I haven’t done them by hand, but Karen Rauch, and she’s “move your stuff, change your life”. Very simple. And this kind of stuff, that’s where it, that’s where it got to me, I read this book, and I was just like, hooked. And then I started learning more. So Davina MacKail, she was my mentor. She’s written a couple of books on feng shui as well and a lot more around the energy that we have from the outside to wear when we’re born and all those kinds of things as well. So those are a couple of books on feng shui if you want us to read something simple, Davina McHale or Karen row and just go and check them out and get their books. One book which really really had a big impact as well, in my personal development was had the filaments habit habits with from Brendon Burchard. And again, it was a time where I was trying to do so much here then everywhere you know, when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re doing this, you’re doing that you’ve got this hat, and then you move in here and do that actually reading this book really kind of focused, focus me on the right things. So focus me on habits, morning habits, evening habits focus me on that energy, how can we keep up with that energy, we need to, you know, looking at all the ways that we keep our energy going, really focusing on congruence, you know, being true with yourself with your message being very authentic with what you do and how you do. So it was a very, very powerful book, and that I would, you know, recommend anybody to, to read that those are very good.

Gregorio Uglioni 18:56
Thank you very much clear. And if somebody would like to connect with you, what’s the best way?

Unknown Speaker 19:01
claire boscq scott dot com or just google me, right? Just, I mean, everywhere. Just google me, I’m on social media come and watch some YouTube videos, I got loads of YouTube videos, which give loads of tips and things like that. I’ve got some interviews with some amazing people that also give amazing tips. So and loads and loads of content on my YouTube channel. So yes, and if you want to message me, I’m always happy to have a quick chat to see if that’s for you. Not everybody, you know, not everybody gets in or everybody but people I kind of you know that I think people have had enough now they want to have a little bit more of that alternative kind of a holistic approach to their themselves and their business. And that’s where, you know, But that’s where I feel the pandemic has helped.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
If I can say that this way, is to make people care more, right, care more for their employees care more for their customers, care more what’s really, really matters. And so that’s, you know, for that I’m very grateful.

Gregorio Uglioni 20:19
Thank you very much for that. And we are coming exactly to the last question. This is the golden nugget, you already shared one. But I asked again, this this question, because it’s I’m always asking that it’s your golden nugget. It’s something that we discussed on something new that you would leave to the audience.

Claire Buscq-Scott 20:37
Yeah, you know, there’s a quote from Ghandi, who says, Be the change you want to see in the world. And I, you know, sometimes you see things and you see cool, and you know, you kind of walk past it. And one day, this Court had me and I’d seen it before, but I stopped and actually realize what he meant. And it made me realize that we are all here. And if we want to do something, in this world, we need to do it. We are the people, we need to be the change. And you know, if you feel in yourself, that you’re not confident, Oh, should I do this? Should I do that? Yes, you can do it. You know, you need to be the change, whether it’s your business, whether it’s yourself, you know, show the world what you want to be and how you want the world to be.

Gregorio Uglioni 21:29
Thank you very much clear. And as usual, I’m not commenting the Golden Nugget because it was Claire golden nuggets. The only thing that I want to say is to be Thank you very much for your time. It was really a big pleasure to have you on my podcast on the CX Goalkeeper podcast. And again, congratulation for your new job. Thank you.

Claire Buscq-Scott 21:50
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Gregorio Uglioni 21:52
And also to the audience. Thank you very much. It was a great pleasure to have you on this show. I hope that you enjoyed the discussion as much as I need to because it was really an outstanding discussion with Claire Boscq-Scott. I hope to speak to your soul to see your soul. Thank you very much!

Claire Buscq-Scott 22:11

Gregorio Uglioni 22:14
I hope enjoyed this episode, please share the word of mouth. Subscribe it, share it until the next episode. Please don’t forget, we are not in a b2b or b2c business. We are in a human to human environment. Thank you

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