The importance of communication with Filippo Poletti – E58

Release date: 24. January 2022

The Importance of Communication – E58 with Filippo Poletti Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper

Only in the dictionary “success” comes before “work”

The CX Goalkeeper had a smart discussion with Filippo Poletti

Filippo Poletti is one of THE TOP VOICE OF LINKEDIN in Italy. He is an Italian journalist and a digital communication manager.

In this episode you will learn about:

– His book “Time for IoP”, the importance of having an Intranet of People

You can find the book here: Amazon dot it

– The link between branding and music

– the importance of understanding that we are a people business

– How to achieve the Intranet of Value

… and a lot more

Please don’t forget to buy Filippo’s latest book: “Grammatica del nuovo mondo” (language: Italian)

You can buy the book here: Amazon dot it

His book suggestion:

Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology; Henry William Chesbrough

Filippo’s golden nugget:

From Steve Jobs: “stay foolish, stay hungry”, and I add “stay special every day” @filippo_poletti on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast

How to contact Filippo:

Thank you, Filippo!

#cxgoalkeeper #customerexperience #podcast #leadership

Mentioned in this episode:

The Book: Humanification: Go Digital, Stay Human, Christian Kromme

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Gregorio Uglioni 0:01
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the CX goalkeeper podcast. Your host, Gregorio Uglioni. Will have small discussions with experts, thought leaders, and friends on customer experience, transformation, innovation and leadership. I hope you will enjoy the next episode.

Ladies and gentlemen, AI really really big pleasure to have Filippo Poletti with me. Hi Filippo.

Filippo Poletti 0:30
Hi, Gregorio. Thanks for having me.

Gregorio Uglioni 0:32
Thank you very much Filippo, for being here. Most of the people, I think most of my audience is not really aware who Filippo Poletti is! He is one of the top voice of LinkedIn. It’s, I think, from my point of view, the most influential person in Italy publishing every day Outstanding insights, I think Filippo put takes quite a lot of time to select the article to create the post he is creating. And it’s really always value added. And for me, it’s clear from the beginning and following fee postings years, it’s not about finding the first article on the top of for the people notice that it’s the one of the most known newspaper in Italy, Corriere Della Sera, but it’s really selecting the right one, commenting it and creating really a great story around that and explaining that, therefore, for me, it’s really a big, big pleasure to have Filippo on this podcast, but I already spoke too long. He is one they say, if we speak in English, avenues of LinkedIn, one of the most influential person and therefore I would quickly hand over to Filippo and ask Filippo to introduce yourself himself.

Filippo Poletti 1:46
Okay, thanks, again, Gregorio and good morning to everybody. Okay, I am both an Italian professional journalists and communications manager, with more than 20 years experience working both as a journalist for Italy’s Italy’s most important newspaper and as a communications manager for different high level institution and companies, now Gregorio, I’m a manager in charge of digital communication. So I wouldn’t have the become professional I am today without meeting and working alongside many other professionals towards a common goal. So success comes from working together. This is from my point of view, one, one really important point to gain success.

Gregorio Uglioni 2:44
Thank you very much, Filippo, it’s really great to have you here. And you started speaking and explaining about your career path. Do you want to point out also what you’re doing at LinkedIn.

Filippo Poletti 3:00
Every day I publish an article.And I try to share my point of view, and what day by day I learned from from other people. So in our economy, sharing is really important and is important. Having is important, having knowledge but it’s also important to sharing knowledge.

Gregorio Uglioni 3:31
Thank you very much. And I think exactly, it’s the next question I would like to ask you, it’s about communication. It’s two nowadays, there are a lot of opportunities to get information thorugh social media thorugh newspaper, television and everything. And the target is to get attention from the people to grasp his attention and that people focus on that. Why did you decide to go into communications?

Filippo Poletti 4:00
Okay, Gregorio, and Okay, everybody, I owe everything to music, music, music, I owe everything to humanities, I wouldn’t be in communication if I hadn’t started guitar and composition at the Conservatory. Every company is an orchestra, every brand would like to be as universal as music. So music brings people together. And as John Denver said, musician, no matter what language we speak, or what color we are the expression of our love, and our fate music proves we are the same. So the American for singer was right from my point of view, everybody likes music. I like Chopin, I like Bach, I like Bruce Springsteen. Music is the soundtrack to my life when I get up. I need rock music when I eat I listen to Brianino. When I go to bed. I listen to classical music.

Hold on, what is being it is as powerful as the musical one. The magic word of industry is experience. So marketers say that a brand is not allowed to a website a product, is an experience.

Gregorio Uglioni 5:25
That’s outstanding explanation. And I hope, people are also watching the video because how you’re explaining also that with your eyes, it’s really great. And you’re touching really one, in one extremely important point, I am customer experience passionate, and experiences are really the key differentiator, as you are saying, for example, music can move your feelings can bring you to new ideas. And this is this is really, really important. And I think you were able to a great experience around your latest book, and you mentioned that a new book is coming. But let’s focus to the old one. And in order to be sure that I read it correctly, I take the my notes, time for IOP Intranet of people focused on internal communication. Why is the person the real capital of a company? Could you please elaborate a bit on on your book?

Filippo Poletti 6:25
Okay, Gregorio, I like putting the success of people at the top of the list. For companies success. Employees, believe me are the most valuable asset that an organization has because company success is dependent on their workforce. So for this reason, we can say that every company is a people company. There are no other words. As stated by the National Association of business owners and entrepreneurs. Based in the US, Many factors contribute to being successful in business having a sound strategy, having remarkable product, or service and any efficient processes are all important. But it falls to the people with the organization to execute on the strategies, plans and processes required to make a business successful. So when we often hear phrases like our employees are our most important asset. It’s right, Simon Sinek, a marketing consultant and best selling author has said, customers will never love a company unless the employees love it first. To begin to execute on the concept that your employees are your company start by listening to what they have to say. And by taking them seriously. Companies need good communicators and storytellers to listen to their employees. That’s why I wrote the book you just mentioned. So that’s why I think that internal communication comes before the external communication. Each and every company needs the Intranet of people, it’s IOP time It’s time for an Intranet of people all linked by digital devices. So let me summarize this, there’s something more behind the internet of people there is the intranet of value. More precisely, the Internet of value is a digital network of nodes, that transfer value thanks to the network. these networks allows every worker to gain know out and so they know where they know when and they know why. Humanist and storytellers can contribute to build in the internet of people and support the internet of value.

Gregorio Uglioni 9:21
I am really it’s difficult to find words because what you’re saying it makes total sense. It is extremely understandable to follow and there are also disease. Ladies and gentlemen, this is really something we need to understand. This is big, big preparation, beyond beyond everything what we are doing what Filippo is doing. It’s as I mentioned the beginning there is a strategy, there is a concept there is knowledge there is wisdom behind that. And I love that too, to elaborate a bit on what you’re saying and it makes total sense. You mentioned Simon Sinek I am reading now his book Start with with while for the second time because it’s I think it’s so good that it makes sense to refresh it. And basically also linking that you mentioned that employees are really key. And there is one guy. And it’s difficult to find out who said that first, therefore, I meant I quote from what I read that is Ian Golding is saying, if you if you’re, you should care as a business, about your employees, because your employees take care of your customer, and your customer will take care of your shareholders. And the only way that you should follow in order to achieve success. Also, in customer experience, it’s not about fluffy stuff and making customer happy it’s really about focusing on on strategic goal on on on the targets of the company. And if you’re not a charity, then you need also to create business results. But only in this way you can create business results, focus on the employees, so they will look for customer and customer look for the shareholders. If you start focusing on the shareholders, then you lose employees and customer and I think it’s completely completely make sense. And then everything what you said about the internal communication, it’s really extremely important because people need to understand why they are working for this company, why everyday they wake up in the morning, early or later and try to create value for your company. And Filippo, I really love what you are saying. Could you please spend the next two or three minutes really elaborating on this concept of the internal communication within companies why it’s important to also share and creat this this value.

Filippo Poletti 11:50
Humanist and storytellers can contribute to build the internet of people and support the internet of value. As I’ve already mentioned.

Filippo Poletti 11:59
There’s one quote I really love Gregorio as Christian Kromm, the futurist tech entrepreneurs. and author of the Amazon bestseller book says, go digital stay human. I think that this quote summarizes all all the words that I could I could add about the internal communication stay human, guys and companies, stay humans, connect your employees and you will success.

Gregorio Uglioni 12:32
Thank you go digital. Stay human. I think you also tried and you are trying and you’re really successful in doing that. Going, going digital, and we need to speak to us about social media. You are one of the top voice of LinkedIn. What does it mean to you being one of the top voice on LinkedIn? And it’s not only once Filippo everyday there and doing a great job there.

Filippo Poletti 13:01
It’s a big job, dear Gregorio. So do you remember the famous quote by John Donne? No man is an island entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continental a part of the main wrote. This, John Danne wrote these this sentence many centuries ago. So Network is an investment in your career and networking guys network friends, the only place where success comes before work is the dictionary. No work, no success. That’s all. So if you want to build the strong relationships on LinkedIn, you need to feed your network. Ask not what your followers can do for you. But ask what you can do for your network. As you’re doing now, as we are doing now, as you do with your podcast. Gregorio So,let me say one more important point, the only place where success can beforeas I already mentioned, is dictionary. What does it mean for me? Every day Gregorio I get up early in the morning, I read newspapers, and they serve the net. I always pick out a news article about the way companies improve. It’s my value continues learning review. Every day I share a news article on LinkedIn, it’s my way to share what I found out. So last but not least, every Thursday I passed the new normal life toll fueled by my interest As in all things on the move. So it’s indeed a great honor and privilege to be an official LinkedIn top voice in Italy, but also a big responsibility. Gregorio because I have to do my best to serve this extensive professional community. So guys, remember, no work, no success. That’s all.

Gregorio Uglioni 15:28
Yes. And I can say that that’s all of because this is something, it’s really outstanding, what you’re saying, for me, only to reiterate to make that understandable that Filippo did already a great job. Filippo is not opening the one web page and selecting the first article is fine. He is doing the research every day. And I really confirm every day. Since Years, and

Filippo Poletti 15:56
I started in, let me let me here starting in 2016. So but every day I get up early in the morning, I read a lot of newspaper and I choose one, one great story. That’s my secret.

Gregorio Uglioni 16:11
That’s that’s consistency and hard work. And as you said, with hard work, you can also get to success. And and it’s extremely important. But basically, it’s not only that you are reading newspaper, but you are always willing to learn new things nowadays, we are speaking, keep the learning on because we need to learn everyday, some tech news, new and you also decided to do an additional education. Could you please elaborate on that what you’re doing? And the most important question is why are you doing that?

Filippo Poletti 16:46
Thanks, Gregorio. There’s one more quote I really love. This is by Leonardo da Vinci. Learning never exhaust the mind wrote Leonardo many centuries ago. So this is one of my favorite quotes, because we are born to learn and, and life is a continuous learning journey. So that’s why I decided, for example, to attend the MIP MBA at the Polytechnic of Milan Politecnico di Milano, I wanted to work we one of the best ranked the Graduate Business School in Europe, which focus on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research. So studying means upskilling, your ability to design your business, design, designare, it’s a latin word, design, it means imagine a new world design. So Steve Job, liked to say design is not just what it looks like, and feels like design is how it works. So everything is designed, communication is design as well. So tense to the MIT MBA, my mission is to fully master mastered this conocept. it’s really important to to improve yourself everyday. I mean, the world is changing really fast. So remember, learn everyday, get up and ask yourself, What can I learn today?

Gregorio Uglioni 18:45
Thank you Filippo, it makes total sense. And I know it’s a joke, but I am saying it anyhow, the big question that I would have is if you should be on the side of the student or on the side of the lecturer. I think it would be better that you are on the other side. But it’s represent what you are that you want to learn everyday something and and basically based on what all your what you’re learning or what you’re reading and all your great network, what are the hopes for the future that you have?

Filippo Poletti 19:15
I mean, Gregorio Good design is good business and good communication is good business. So, I will try to help my colleagues and partners to go full speed ahead in this direction. After immediate success of my book, you already mentioned the IoP time Intranet for people focusing on the internal communications practice, I will go online and with the with a new book with the title “grammatica of the new world” he stands for let me think in English, “grammar of the new World”, I suppose. So I will share the new language weWe create because of Corona Virus of pandemia communication is about human connections.We can we can I mean,we can underline the words we share a few minutes ago. So it happens. It happened every day it happens today, it will happen tomorrow. Communication is about human connection. That’s, that’s why I wrote. I wrote some books, and I will write many, many books in the future about about human connections.

Gregorio Uglioni 20:39
Thank you. The best way to connect with you is through LinkedIn or to have older Are you active on older? Do you have perhaps a personal website web page?

Filippo Poletti 20:49
Yeah, I’ve got a personal side: R A S S E G N A L A V O R O . IT It’s my website, it stands for work review in English. And they will share that in the show notes. And I think the best way to connect with Filippo is through LinkedIn, one of the best voice of, of LinkedIn coming to the last two question I’m always asking, perhaps, would you like? Or do you have a book that you recommend to the audience to read?

Sure, sure. Open Innovation by Henry Chesbrough. As originally said by Henry Chesbrough: Open Innovation is a paradigma. That assumes that firms can and should use external ideas, as well as internal ideas and internal and external past market. So there was in the past the closed innovation model. Now, there is the open innovation model, and we must join it. Open Innovation, open innovation, open innovation.

Gregorio Uglioni 21:57
Thank you very much. Filippo. And now the really last question that I’m always asking, do you have. we discussed a lot, Do you have something that we discussed or something new that you would like to share with us and this is Filippo golden nugget.

Filippo Poletti 22:13
Okay, Steve Jobs told us stay hungry. I would say I would add, stay special stay special stay Special every day. Thank you, Gregorio.

Gregorio Uglioni 22:28
Thank you very much report was really outstanding. And it was an outstanding discussion. I hope that the audience also enjoyed this, this discussion as much I did. It was outstanding, for me open, really mind blowing, because you are sharing great insights. Your answers are really short but extremely focused, to hand-over the content to the listeners that can understand and grasp that. Therefore, Filippo, thank you very much for your time. It was really a big, big pleasure to have you on the CX goalkeeper podcast.

Filippo Poletti 23:02
My pleasure. My pleasure. Thanks a lot. Gregorio. Thanks a lot, everybody.

Gregorio Uglioni 23:06
Thank you very much. Grazie mille, arrivederci. Bye bye, everybody.

Filippo Poletti 23:09
Bye bye. See you soon.

Gregorio Uglioni 23:12
If you enjoyed this episode, please share the word of mouth. Subscribe it, share it. Until the next episode. Please don’t forget, we are not in b2b or b2c business. We are in a human to human environment. Thank you

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