The Phygital Consumer with Bruno Guimarães – E85

Episode released on: 01. August 2022

The Phygital Consumer with Bruno Guimarães Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper

The CX Goalkeeper had the great opportunity to interview Bruno Guimarães

LinkedIn Headline: CX Solution Strategist Brazil | Founder – Amigos do CX | CXPA Brazil Regional Council | Ironman Triathlete | CXMStars™2022 – Top 5 CX Influencer | International CX Judge | Ana Carolina and Bento Father


  • 00:00 Game Start
  • 00:56 Bruno’s Introduction
  • 03:25 Bruno’s Values
  • 08:07 The phygital customer
  • 15:13 The best out of the mix: digital & physical
  • 18:30 What’s your view now that we are speaking about Web 3.0 Virtual Reality augmented reality? 
  • 21:49 which is your preferred phygital experience?
  • 26:41 Talking about Phigital Experiences: what are we going to discuss about in 10 years?
  • 30:48 Bruno’s book suggestion
  • 32:47 Bruno’s contact details
  • 33:33 Amigos do CX
  • 34:08 Bruno’s Golden Nugget
  • 36:20 End of the Game

and much more…

Bruno’s Contact Details:

His book suggestion:

Bruno’s Golden Nuggets:

  • Really focus on getting as much information as you can from customers to really understand what are their expectations, what are their needs and why these customers are connecting and starting a relationship with you, but not only finding the right information, use that information to deliver better experiences.
  • If you’re only collecting customer information and not doing anything with that, it’s better not to collect that because you’re wasting your time and you’re wasting the client’s time.
  • So if you’re going to do any kind of research with clients, collecting data from them, please make sure that you’re going to use that personal thing, please take care, take the actions, they will necessary actions through a make the change in the customer life, to really deliver the experience.
  • The customers that are not speaking with you are going to be gone. And you’re going to not even know this. So value all those feedbacks, really give the space for them to talk to you. Listen to them, and really take action to to deliver better experiences.

The customers not speaking with you are going to be gone. And you’re going to not even know this. So value all those feedback. Listen to them, and really take action on them to to deliver better experiences. Bruno Guimaraes on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast

Focus on getting as much information as you can from customers to understand what are their expectations, needs and why they are connecting or starting a relationship with you to deliver better experiences. Bruno Guimaraes on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast

If you’re only collecting customer information and and you are not doing anything with that, it’s better not to collect that because you’re wasting your time and the client’s time. Bruno Guimaraes on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast

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Gregorio Uglioni 0:00
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the CX goalkeeper podcast. Your host, Gregorio Uglioni. Will have small discussions with experts, thought leaders and friends on customer experience, transformation, innovation and leadership. I hope you will enjoy the next episode.

Ladies and gentlement tonight, it’s really really a big pleasure. I have Bruno together with me. Hi, Bruno, how are you? .

Bruno Guimaraes 0:28
Hello, Greg, I’m good. Thank you for the invitation. Such a pleasure to be here.

Gregorio Uglioni 0:33
Super happy and I am thrilled and I am also super happy to spend the next 30 minutes together with you. A Brazilian guy really focused on customer experience. I’m quite sure it will be all about creativity as the number 10, when we are speaking about soccer or football for our friends in Europe, and therefore I am full of joy starting to discuss this discussion this game together with you. But with before we deep dive in the phygital experience. That’s the topic of today. I would like really to learn a bit more about you and therefore, Bruno, could you please introduce yourself?

Bruno Guimaraes 1:12
Yes, yes. So hello, everyone. My name is Bruno. Bruno Guimaraes. I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo. And I’m one of the I’m one of the founders of the biggest community of the biggest CX community in Brazil. So in 2017, I created the amigos of CX amigos, friends of CX, there is a place where anyone can join professional from the customer experience, or profession, from other areas, can join us to really discuss about customer experience. Now we can do more we can prove the market capabilities, how we can do benchmarking and how we can use the best tools in order to accelerate a CX program. So that was really to get together with the markets, and somehow try to accelerate the market maturity. Because in Brazil, we still have a very mature market, we’re still in a moment, tough people really understanding the difference between customer experience customer service, CRM, so we are still in that phase. But on the other hand, we see a lot of opportunities here. So we see like the big companies really hiring a lot of people to take care of some experience teams, we see a lot of a lot of tools emerging in the market to help deliver a better experience as a technology. So we really, in a moment, I like to say that we are in hotspots right now. But we still have some challenges to overcome. And that is, in my opinion, that’s basically the indication of the market. Because people really need to understand what’s behind this an exchange so So my mission with the community is really to get together. The most people in order to leverage excursion leverage their word of mouth, about the topic, and really try to accelerate the transformation, the knowledge and the capabilities of our professions in order to do a better job. But even though we are very mature, I really believe that we can become a reference they will provide reference, regardless dx. So Brazil, is really a powerful market, when it comes to customer experience.

Gregorio Uglioni 3:41
Thank you very much, Bruno. And I really like the mission and the vision of amigos to do CX, I will join even if I’m not in Brazil, because as you’re explaining that, it means people will get a lot of value from the community, and they can bring their value into the community. And speaking about values. I would like to learn also a bit more about you. And therefore my question, which are the values that drives you in life?

Bruno Guimaraes 4:12
Awesome question. I mean, I very, I really like to, I mean, since I build the community, I’m I’m, I’m the kind of person who will be like, connecting, connecting people to business opportunities connecting professional connecting partners. So I really I’m really the type of person who really likes to observe to really see what’s happening in a quiet mode, looking, listening, and trying to get the most out of it. And with that, I really like to help people advance in their objectives in their challenges. So I’m really the type of person right that really likes to help the next one. So empathy for me is like, must have, because I mean, putting ourselves in the in the other one’s shoes, is really important to really understand what they’re going through before judging them because is, unfortunately, is rare, it’s very common to First we judge, then we try to understand what the people are going through. And that is a big mistake. Because I mean, each one has our problems, challenges. Happiness, I mean, we all facing all these kind of things in our daily lives. So sometimes we are in a bad moments, and we just need to understand that we just need to listen to to, to make ourselves available for the next one, in order to talk, to understand to listen. And sometimes all we need to do is to listen to someone. And that’s the best way. And that’s going to be something really big for that person, because of the moment that they’re face to. So I really, I really tried to make myself the more human as possible, the more prophetic is possible, to really try to help others to really try to understand what they’re doing. And, and I believe that is the reason we will love this experience because Because from experience all about our empathy is not about standing on other one’s shoes, listening to customers. So when I realized that this experience has all these values, and are all my values, so there was a time there was love at first sight. So you really make it really makes sense for me to really work with custom experience, because my values, my ideas that I have in mind that I put in my job. So I really try to help arrange trying to make myself available for others in order to help them.

Gregorio Uglioni 7:05
I really like what you’re saying. And when I was listening to you, I remember to one one guy, I don’t know the name, but he said something like, people are there not to listen to, but people are there to provide answer but other people’s wants to be listened to. And, and therefore I fully understand that what what what you’re saying. And thank you very much for this introduction.

Bruno Guimaraes 7:29
And I believe wisdom is basically to know how to listen, and learn how to really see what is really happening. And talk last and do more action. I believe that. So once you’re listening once, I mean, in order to understand what people are saying what people want to want to, to to achieve, you need to listen, you need to understand, because if you don’t understand, you’re probably not going to deliver the right solution or the I mean, so listening is the first the first step, step Yeah, the first step in order to really create a solution. So so if you are good listener, you’re probably gonna achieve better solution because you’re going to probably understand what what is the problem and how to overcome

Gregorio Uglioni 8:23
that I totally agree and then that it’s great, and I really enjoy discussing with you. But nettle. Now let’s let’s go really to the topic we wanted to discuss. It’s about the phygital experiences. And yes, phygital came from the word physical and digital, but everybody speaking about it, could you please explain to us what should we really understand under phygital Consumer or phygital experience?

Bruno Guimaraes 8:53
Yeah, yes, I really love the subject about phygital consumer. I, my the first time I got in contact with this subject with this topic was around 2017. That I have a I have a background in in marketing and digital transformation. So there was a time that I really understand what was a phygital concept means and makes no sense. So I really believe that going back in the year so in 2000, in 1990, when the internet came, especially in Brazil came became popular, it was very clear that I was on the physical world or I was in the digital so we needed to take the action to Okay, I’m going to log in at two o’clock. I’m going to be logged in, in the afternoon. So we had the action to really move from one environment to the other. So the boundary was was really clear that they exist the physical world and the digital world. And once we start to see the shift in the technology in the smartphones, the iPhone storing all this movement in 2007, we saw this various really becoming invisible, because the form made of cells made us to become connected like 10, four hours. So the actions to that we needed to make before that, I’m going to be logged, I’m going to log in, it never happened anymore, because I mean, the smartphone was there. And once the most one was, was was, was on here, we’re connected. Alright. So with that, we started to see a lot of new technologies a lot, a lot of transformations, where the consumer data really had conscious that they were in a physical or they are in a digital, because for them was like, organic was needed. So they really, they were just going through a journey. And in that journey, sometimes they were in the physical world, sometimes they were in the digital. So let’s say for example, the Uber experience. So we start in a giusto in there. So in the app, you can add, where you want to go, you’re gonna have the information about how much you’re going to expand how much time you’re going to take there, who is the driver, what is the car, and, and that is totally digital. Once the cars in there to pick you up, then you go to the fiscal, but all the information that you store, so if you get into the car, and you probably if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to say hi to the to the driver, because he has all the information. So right now, I mean, the fees go inside a car, going through point A to point B, so I’m in the fiscal, once I get to my spot, I’ll leave the car. And I’ll be back to the digital to check if my if my if my if my service was finished. And if everything is clear, if the driver is not leaving in the open and just driving around and make my mind by just pointing out. So I came back to the store to really end my service with Uber. So we started the giusto we go to the physical, then we come back to the digital. So the digital concept is is is is this journey, where we’re going to move from physical to digital, in many touchpoints in the same journey. And this is possible because of technology.

Because I mean, with all the technology that we have most of the service most of the products, we can either consume it online or on physical. And we’ve Okay, well no, I want to buy a car, that’s always going to be a physical experience. Okay, but the journey to buy a car, you’re gonna go to the Philippines to do so. Okay, today, I decided I want to buy a car. So first thing I want to do, it’s probably gonna go in Google, on websites on reviews, to really get information about the car that already won by. So my first step is going to be an additional, probably my third step is on my second step, I’m going to search for friends that have the same crowd that wanted to buy it, in order to understand whether what are their feelings about that card? Should we really understand if the real clients are really satisfied with the car or not? Once they get to the to the dealership is probably one of my last steps because I know all the informations and I’m I’m only going to the dealership to sit to really see the car, in person if physically. And if when I go to the dealership, if all the the perception that I created in my research makes sense, I’ll probably going to buy the car immediately. Or I’ll go back home, I’ll do a little more research to really make sure that is the right part. So the last mile, the buying process, the conversion is going to be in a fishbowl because it’s a car. And today’s technology. We already see people buying cars online. So I mean, so the things we need to read, we really need to focus on the whole experience, and all the different touch points that we go through on that experience. So that is the it’s a basic concept. But today, it makes a lot of sense because of the whole technology, the hyper connection that we are facing that we are living in. And so I believe that these every every day is is the boundary is is more visible than ever because I mean today, for me in my head whenever I go through this experience, I’m not saying I’m not thinking Okay, now I’m on the Facebook, okay, now I need to be connected because it’s going to be Connect is totally organic is totally, I mean, for me is the same as as, as a consumer experience. So, I mean that. So that’s why I’ll really love the fish though because this how we can use technology as the enabler to really make this transformation to really deliver a effortless, a seamless experience to our clients.

Gregorio Uglioni 15:29
I think what you’re saying it totally makes sense. And it clearly show with your two examples Ubirr, but also buying a car that nowadays companies cannot think only in physical or only in digital. And and from your point of view, how is it possible to create these the best possible result out of it, because what you’re saying, I can understand that for some personas, you go online, you search for the car, then you ask your friends, and then you go to the dealership, older people’s perhaps goes directly to the dealership, and then ask them and try to check that. But then when they go home, and then start checking it, how is it possible to create the best result out of these two different environments?

Bruno Guimaraes 16:18
I believe first of all, is really to understand who is your clients? who you’re selling to? Or are you gauging to who are the personas because I mean, in one business, I can have different personas, I can have the ones that really love to be on the field, go in a store, have the face or experience, and I have going to have a persona really love the dish, the one that really hates to go to shopping, the rainy days to go to, to a store, and really wants to buy everything online. So so it’s really important to really understand who is your clients? What are the expectations, and what kind of interactions that they usually do with the company. So with that, you can we can create clusters, and a strategy, focusing on the type of persona that we have. So he’s really to is really out how we can really have information in order to deliver a more personalized experience for the client. Of course, we cannot be do like, experienced during for every client, so we can transform that into clusters with with same characteristics. But it’s if you if you don’t have the information, if you don’t have the knowledge about who is fine with you, who is your client, who’s a swimmer, you probably won’t know, what are the best ways to connect with them? Because you you can you can pray like what is the best process in your mind in the company perspective. But that doesn’t mean there’s going to be the best process for the client. So we need to change the focus. And to really understand what are the expectations? What are the clients? How is their journey? And what are the moments in that journey that we that we there is they there is opportunity for us to really make change and deliver a better experience for them. So like you said, someone will some some persona will prefer to go into the youth or some person will prefer to go into the digital experience. Others are going to prefer 100% physical, but he’s really to understand how we can use technology in order to deliver a request experience for our clients.

Gregorio Uglioni 18:46
You mentioned that several times. And therefore I think it’s makes sense to us now discretion. You’re speaking about technology as quasi the support to create these these experiences. What’s your view now that we are speaking about Web 3.0 Virtual Reality augmented reality? It means we are moving much more in a digitalized world.

Bruno Guimaraes 19:11
Yeah, totally. I mean, and that is the technology disruption, right? So one thing that is still really obvious that what I’m about to say, but especially resist the a lot of that as people using that technology as a solution, not as enabling. And that is a big problem. Because, again, once if we use the technology, as the solution, we probably aren’t, Are not we probably don’t have the information. And we probably don’t have the customer point of view in order to deliver what they need. So we’re focusing on the company itself. So me as a company, I’m thinking that this technology will solve my problems. My process problems will help me deliver better experience in my mind. But in the Customer Mind, that is, that’s not what we want, we need something like easier. So whenever we buy a technology as a solution, we became, we need to shift all over the process in order to use the technology. So we became like, so the technology is the leader, and the whole company needs to adapt to the technology. And that doesn’t make sense, because we’re spending a lot of money, and you’re not solving new problems. So you’re using that technology in the way that that technology was, should be used. So. So again, we need to have the information about the customer, what are the steps they’re going through, in order to to get that to the final result of the conversion to the relationship with us before after I have all this information after I understand what the what are the challenges, what this this this client wants to overcome in this relation, I can think of what kind of technologies will help me accelerate this process. So Okay, in this touchpoint if I have a technology that will help me make the customer have less clicks, in order to to buy the product is going to be a bad experience. And for me, it’s gonna be better because I’m generate more sales, more revenue, and things like that. So technology is a must have in the moment that we are facing right now, we have a lot of opportunity, we have a lot of technology so we have a lot of things that we can use it in our favor. But we first really need to understand why we are using which technology and which at each touch points. So it’s really important to map all this before buying your to eat especially to buy the best solution and the most cost effective for for the business,

Gregorio Uglioni 22:05
which is your preferred phygital experience?

Bruno Guimaraes 22:13
One I’m not sure it’s my preferred one but was that really impact me is on the I didn’t went through that that experience. But I saw that the case study that is a I believe was in Korea, South Korea. In the we have some in Brazil similar but it’s not the same, I’ll explain both of them. But in South Korea, they have this in the subway, they have this store, it’s a real store. So again, in the store, you you have all this structure, but inside you have you don’t have any product is all is is full of let’s big screens where you buy online. So you go into a store buying online. So that is like for me it’s like the the top notch for the fish though, experience because I mean, you are in the physical store buying online, and you have the option to really, okay, I want to take it, okay, I buy online, I’ll grab it and go. Or I can buy it online and send it to my clothes. Because I’m on subway, I’m on my way to my home. So I can just buy online and send it to my place in Brazil has a fee similar here in San Paolo is offering the subway the difference that we don’t have the store, the physical store, we only have the big screens where I can buy perfume, shampoo, conditioner for my big a big brand. So I’m waiting for my former subway, there’s nothing I can do. I just need to wait, why not buying perfume? Why not buy a shampoo or I need to buy a gift for someone, I’m on my way to my home, I don’t need to work for shopping and I need to go to a store. I just use that moment that is useless and buy something so so every that this kind of solutions is really what’s going to be my chain changing. And also also comparing that that the physical and the digital world. I also see some there’s, there’s there’s a fast, fast fashion company in Brazil, Paula Morrow. And they are very digital. So they have their stores in shopping centers. But they also have their and if I’m a client’s to them, and I go to the physical store. My experience of money will also be on the app. So they have big computers on the store and they don’t have the cashiers. They don’t have they have the attendance to help them. But to close the sales. I need to log into my to my, to my applicate to my app, or to their computers and log into my app from their computers, and do the end finish my buy online. And I can choose okay, I could take an hour or more to the to be delivered my place in the next two hours. So it’s a mix. And, and the mix is something that was really important because once I got into contact with the finished topic, there was a big fight, especially in the advertising environment, saying that, okay, the digital will kill the fiscal world, especially the advertising. So people will not respond to the advertisers won’t won’t buy a newspaper, one by TV, because they don’t have the metrics, they don’t have the measurements, to to really bring the information in the digital, we have everything we can track everything. So in the beginning, we had a discussion about, okay, it’s better, wine is better offline is better. Visual is better fiscal. And the good thing is today that everybody realized that it’s a mix. It’s important to have the fiscal, it’s important to have the offline. But it’s also important to have the moment so we can combine all this information in order to deliver a better experience. So so the discussion about online offline is not doesn’t make sense anymore. Because we need to combine both. I mean, sure. Yeah. Some experience going to be much better in the fiscal for example, for lunch, buy clothes is much better to wear to have it to to make sure that it’s good to me, and on the online is not possible. Okay, I can I can order I can put on me. If I don’t like it, I can deliver. Okay, but look how much effort I have in this all in the feed in additional one so happy when you can mix both. I think the best is the best solution.

Gregorio Uglioni 26:57
It totally makes sense. And I think you’re already speaking about futuristic solution. But the last question I would like to ask about the phygital experiences and what we are speaking in 10 years from now about phygital experiences.

Bruno Guimaraes 27:15
Right now the metaverse I have the feeling that we are going to do the same direction as the beginning as in 1990, where we had the boundaries. But now different boundaries. Now we are with Metaverse, people are going to be leaving the digital and going to take the action to go to the physical world. So it sounds a little bit crazy. But if the metaverse really move the speed and they’re moving and delivering on their promises, the new generation is probably going to be like they’re gonna go, they’re gonna grow in this this Metaverse environment. And for them, it’s going to be much native, natural to start on the digital, and then take action to look to go to the field for life sounds a little bit nonsense. But these look, we but but that’s a little bit more of my perspective. When I see the matters, because in the metaverse, you’re gonna have all this personalized experience, I can buy my own shoes that I’m the only one that they’re gonna have this Nike shoes. I can wear my clothes that only I gotta have that close. So we’re going to start to see people have like, different lives are going to have my life in the metaverse with my clothes in my house, my car in everything that I that I consume in the physical, and also have my physical that is completely different from my usual so I’m really anxious to see what’s gonna happen with the metaverse in the future, if there’s gonna really make sense or not. I’m little, I’m a little afraid, I would say, but at the same time, a little anxious to see what’s going to happen. Because I mean, technologies really accelerate. And the Russian eruptions really happening real fast. So tomorrow, we never know what’s going to happen. And in 10 years from now, it seems like a lot of time when we talk about technology. So an author, virtual reality, augmented reality, all these kinds of technologies take us to a digital world where we can leave something that is not real, but it looks real. So yeah, so what I see from from the next years regarding technologies is this combination of the mixed realities were going to be leaving are going to travel all over the world in a virtual scenario, not in the real scenario and the that’s gonna be perfect. That’s gonna be like, as if I was there. So finally, once we lose all those gadgets, big edits of the virtual reality was the experience become a little bit more natural, we’re probably going to see these things happening, say, Okay, tomorrow, okay, afternoon, I want to go to Japan because I wanted to see, like, some kind of sightseeing. And for me, it’s going to be as the same experience as if I was physically going there. But this time, I don’t have to take a plane, a plane, and be like 24 hours, flying jetlag, all this cost, language, money, I just can go from my living room, I can go to Japan, and back at the same time tournaments. Believe it’s gonna be something a little bit crazy. But yeah, I see the future a little bit like that.

Gregorio Uglioni 31:04
I love it. And I think we already have the next topic for our next podcast together. And Bruno, therefore, you’re invited again, it was really a great discussion. But before we conclude this, this game together, still have three questions, the usual one, is there a book that you would like to suggest to the audience?

Bruno Guimaraes 31:25
Yes, there’s a couple of books with the community, we launched two books. So right now it’s only Portuguese, but we have the plans to translate to Spanish and English. So one book is called customer experience, in theory, and a lot of hands on. So we, we connected 35 professionals, five internationals and 30 Brazilian ones, each offer, wrote a chapter so that the end of the book is really to show the audience words professionals doing on their jobs on a daily basis. So is is a really an insightful book, in order to, for predictions for for which whoever study on the CX. Last month, we launched our second book with the same structure, but this time focus on employee experience. So we really focus on getting this discussion place. And a book that is international book, I will say two books. One is the outside in, that really covers all disciplines. And we have the CX professional must read, because really put all the all the boxes in place. And after glass journey. There also talks about how to create a better experience and how we can use technology as well to reduce the gaps and to become seamless and effortless journeys.

Gregorio Uglioni 33:03
Thank you very much, Bruno. And the next question, and I think quite a lot of people will contact you because speaking about the metaverse and what will happen and going to Japan, you It’s really exciting what you were saying, What’s the best way to contact you?

Bruno Guimaraes 33:21
through LinkedIn. So Bruno, guimaraes an find me there. And please contact me. I’m the club. As I said, In the beginning, I really liked this community, environmental we like to connect, to listen and talk to new people to listen to new stories. So please feel free to connect me to send me high doubts, questions, I love to talk to everyone..

Gregorio Uglioni 33:49
And do you have a web page of amigos do Brazil that you can share? Or we can put in the shownotes?

Bruno Guimaraes 33:56
Yeah, I mean, and also on LinkedIn. And we also have a telegram group. It’s all in Portuguese, but anyone’s more than welcome to join us. And it is on telegram where all the discussion we have so is the live discussion, let’s say like that, where people really send the doubts by people from each marking. I mean, there’s all the discussion, live discussion happen.

Gregorio Uglioni 34:24
Thank you very much. And now we’re really coming to the last question, the last opportunity to score a great goal after at least they are trick that you are this code. It’s Bruno golden nugget. It’s something that we discussed or something new that you would like to leave to the audience

Bruno Guimaraes 34:43
today to really focus on getting as much as information as you can from from customer to really understand where are their expectations, what are the needs and why they’re really in why this customer connecting and starting a relationship with you, but not only finding the right information, we’re really using that information to deliver a better experience. Because if you’re only collecting the information, not doing anything with that, it’s better not to collect that because you’re wasting your time, you you’re wasting the client’s time. And he can really generate big frustration for the client, that they’re losing their time to really tell you what they think is wrong what they think that you can do better to deliver them a better experience, and you’re just ignoring that. So, you know, we’ll be very frustrated with that. So if you’re going to do any kind of research with clients, collecting data from them, please make sure that you’re going to use that personal thing, please take care, take the actions, they will necessary actions through a make the change in the customer life, to really deliver the experience. And listen to those to, because they have a lot of a lot of things to say, and if they’re speaking to you, is because they really want to continue with their relationship with you. The ones they’re not speaking with you, they are they’re going to be gone. And you’re going to not even know this. So value all those feedbacks, really give the space for them to talk to you. Listen to them, and really take action to to deliver a better experience.

Gregorio Uglioni 36:33
Thank you very much Bruno, and my feedback to you. It was really an outstanding discussion. Thank you very much. We see and we feel the passion that you have for this topic. And therefore it was really a great discussion. Thank you very much for your time room.

Bruno Guimaraes 36:48
Thank you, Greg. Thank you, our audience for listening to us, and was a great pleasure, great honor to be here. Sharing knowledge exchange information. So for me, it’s really, really was a great moment. Thank you.

Gregorio Uglioni 37:01
Thank you and also to the audience. I think Bruno already said everything. I don’t need to add anything. If you have feedback, feel free to share it with us with Bruno on or with myself. Happy to help the community happy to grow together. Have a nice day. have a nice evening. bye bye. Thank you.

Bruno Guimaraes 37:17
Bye bye.

Gregorio Uglioni 37:19
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