The CX Goalkeeper Advent Calendar 2021

From December 1st until December 24th, I published on a daily basis a suggestion for a book or a podcast on CX.

this list is NOT sponsored. All the suggestions were personally selected

Day 1

My first suggestion is Rosaria Cirillo Louwman CCXP CiHS book


simply: we all need more happiness in business but also in our private live

Day 2

Do you want to become WISER?

Witty, Immersive, Shareable, Extraordinary and Responsive?

Than you should have a look at Dan Gingiss – The Experience Maker book!

The Experience Maker

How to Create Remarkable Experiences That Your Customers Can’t Wait to Share

Day 3

 I share a podcast. They are continuously having great discussion and they are shaping the future of CX.

The CX Cast from Forrester with Angelina Gennis and Adele Sage Budovsky

In particular, I propose to listen to the Episode 276: 2022 CX Predictions

Day 4

I share one “older” book which is full on insights.
I am a bit biased, because I am a big fan of Naeem Arif, CCXP, MBA, Agile and his work.

Take time and have a look at CUSTOMER FIRST.
Already the title says everything

Day 5

I share a very well known podcast in the CX field.

Crack the Customer Code Podcast” of Jeannie Walters, CCXP and Adam Toporek

In this specific episode, Jeannie and Adam speak about “frictionless and memorable experiences” – E469

Day 6

I am sharing an Italian book (language Italian)

Grammatica del nuovo mondo. Opportunità ed esempi di vita ai tempi d’oggi.

I had the great please to have Filippo Poletti on my podcast and we had an outstanding discussion. 

He is also the author of “tempo di IoP” – translated “IoP time”. 
IoP means Intranet of People

for all my Italian friends, these are 2 outstanding books! 

Day 7

I am sharing the book I finished to read the second time some days ago. 

It’s a classic. I propose this book again and again because it put people in the right mindset for any business or for any transformation. 

Day 8

I am sharing a field manual book. It should stay on your desk because you will use it over and over & it is full of insights.  

Customer Experience Management Field Manual By JEFF SHEEHAN
The Guide For Building Your Top Performing CX Program

Day 9

I am sharing a “new” podcast that is growing fast. Stacy is doing an outstanding job (as usual) – she is DOING CX RIGHT

Stacy Sherman ~MBA, CX Certified‘s Podcast DoingCXRight

If you didn’t subscribe it, I suggest you to have a look at it.

where to start? Listen to Episode with Steven Van Belleghem

“Doing Customer & Employee Experience Right In The Digital Age Featuring Steven Van Belleghem”

OUTSTANDING!!! I love the concept of the FRICTION HUNTERS!

I had the great pleasure to interview Stacy Sherman ~MBA, CX Certified on my CX Goalkeeper Podcast and she is DOING CX RIGHT.

Day 10

I am sharing a book on CX strategy which is really very well written. 

I had the great pleasure to interview Maurice FitzGerald on my CX Goalkeeper Podcast and he is a brilliant mind!

Customer Experience Strategy

Day 11

I am sharing a book written by a great CX thought leader with a lot of energy!

The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper

I had the great pleasure to interview Claire Boscq-Scott on my CX Goalkeeper Podcast

Day 12

 it’s not about Customer Experience but it’s about “how people really are”, they share their career steps, the real stories, …

I had the great pleasure to interview Adam Posner on “The CX Goalkeeper Podcast” and he perfectly represents the 3 Ps:

Patience, politeness, and persistence 

In particular, I suggest to listen to THE POZCAST with George Hammer

Day 13

Measurement is one of the most important competencies companies require to improve themselves.

Today, it’s not a book nor a podcast… It’s a paper.

Measuring the Digital Transformation

I had the great pleasure to interview Federico Cesconi on my CX Goalkeeper Podcast and he not only a CX thought leader but also a friend.
From December 1st until December 24th, I will publish on a daily basis a suggestion for a book or a podcast on CX.

Day 14

Creativity is key! do you agree?

I had the great pleasure to interview Chip Bell on my CX Goalkeeper Podcast and it was a brillant discussion. I planned 20 minutes and we spoke more than 40 minutes.

His book really is mind blowing

“Inside Your Customer’s Imagination”

Day 15

Fireside Chats Without The Fires with Neal and Paul!

I had the great pleasure to interview Neal Topf and Paul Catherall on my CX Goalkeeper Podcast and it was a great discussion.

I suggest to listen to the episode with Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus I really enjoy the way he is explaining concepts in an extremely understandable way.
He share some insights on the “complex” world of BILLIONAIRES – known as UHNWI – Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

They shortly speak about the CX World Games and the outstanding job done by Christopher Brooks 

Day 16

I had the great pleasure to be on Gavin‘s Podcast and we discussed about the CX and SOCCER, linking my 2 passions.

Finding Gold Dust; Gavin Scott

Day 17

What is the best sentence that customers state?

„I will reccomend you???“ No!

… it is: „I‘LL BE BACK“!!!

Today I want to share with you another great book.

I‘LL BE BACK from Shep Hyken

I had the great pleasure to interview Shep Hyken on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast. It was an outstanding discussion.
I love his works, his books and how he is sharing his knowledge!

Day 18

I had the great honour to be in contact with Stephanie (Leese) Emrich – ServiceSpeaks Solutions and to chat with her occasionally.

Service still speaks.  

Day 19

… it is the fastest growing community in CX

… it is the one of the best initiative of the last 18 months, I saw

Today, I allow myself to celebrate Clare Muscutt (WiCX) and Women in CX

Please take a look at the community and find a way on how to help such a great initiative (or similar one).

Day 20

Customer Experience 3

As often already explained, the book is written by 28 co-authors. Even if it all chapters are different, there is a clear flow in it….

Day 21

Reaching 100 episodes is a great ACHIEVEMENT.

I am listening to her podcast since season 2 (I think it’s more than 4 years)

She represents the passion for Customer Experience and marketing.
Every listener feels that she loves what she is doing!

Thank You Mary Drumond from Worthix for Voices of CX

I share an episode to listen to:

I really enjoyed the discussion with  Shareef Mahdavi

“Why Patient Experience and Customer Experience Deserve to be Equal”

Day 22

Networking is important, building a Personal Brand is key.

…Not only for Entrepreneurs

If you apply for a job, you need to find a way to stand out.

Your brand can make the DIFFERENCE!

I had the great pleasure to interview Ramon Ray on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast.

It’s worth to read Ramon’s book THE CELEBRITY CEO!

I was impressed how engaging the discussion was and the quality of his “way of thinking”

Day 23

This podcast is MY discovery of the year. I heard about it when they published the episode 200 and since then I am listening to each episode.

It’s really the “next level” of customer experience. 💥

Thank you to Colin Shaw and Ryan Hamilton – What you are doing is simple stellar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Day 24

European Customer Experience Organization

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