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Featured on Engatica Linkedin Page on August 24th 2022
Featured on Engatica Linkedin Page on August 10th 2022
LinkedIn, April 24. 2022

Vielen Dank Michael Obermeier!

LinkedIn, Michael Obermeyer, 22. April 2022

Thank you my friend, FARAN NIAZ!

thank you so much LINA KIRIAKOU!

Feedback Lina Kiriakou

add additionally:

Thank you so much for the kind feedback Anca S.

Thank you Noman Hussain Shah for your feedback!


Thank you Zarine Bedford!!!

Thank You so much KMBrennan – Kimberly

Feedback May 2021, Nils Hafner “Outstanding Podcast, listen to it”

Jonathan Daniels showing my podcast, Feedback February 2021,: “Outstanding Podcast, keep going Greg”
Vuk V. recommending my podcast
Prof. Nils Hafner suggesting my podcast
Annette Franz Newsletter – 21.07.2021
Feedback Santhakumaran Atmalingam
Rosaria Cirillo sharing my podcast on her newsletter
Maurice FitzGerald recommending The CX Goalkeeper Podcast in his
Newsletter Nr. 5
In German, Cyrill Luchsinger suggest my podcast as insider tip – 26.10.2021
Feedback – Apple Podcast
September 9th
17. September

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