My book suggestions

In the following page, I am sharing my personal suggestions for books, articles, videos, trainings and a lot more – all for the sake of SAVING YOUR TIME!

this list is NOT sponsored. All the suggestions are personally selected

My books suggestions – TOP 11 BOOKS

  • I‘LL BE BACK, Shep Hyken
  • Customer Understanding, Annette Franz
  • Good To Great, Jim Collins
  • Customer What?, Ian Golding
  • Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh
  • The Effortless Experience, Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, Rick Delisi
  • Outside In, Harley Manning & Kerry Bodine
  • The Ultimate Question 2.0, Fred Reichheld
  • The Experience Economy, B. J. Pine & J. H. Gilmore
  • The Best Service Is No Service, Bill Price And David Jaffe
  • Uplifting Service, Ron Kaufman

complete lists:

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