Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)- THE DAY of the exam: strategies to optimize your result

As described in my first article link on the CCXP certification, there are 3 important steps related to the CCXP exam:

  1. The first one is to write the application
  2. The second one is to prepare the exam
  3. The third step is to do the exam. After the exam is like before the exam: continue focusing on this “science”!

I would like to support other candidates achieving this important step in order to continue making this “science” more and more accessible. At the end, the customer experience is the engine of our businesses.

Today, I want to focus on the third step: “How to answer the exam questions”

You will find the complete description of the CCXP exam here: http://www.ccxp.org/exam-resources/exam-format/

source: www.ccxp.org

source: http://www.ccxp.org

— for digital version of the exam – video Proctored / ProProctor exam please see below —

The exam at a certification center

The way to the certification center

Don’t loose time trying to memorize something which could be helpful during the exam. It will only create confusion! Instead of that, buy something to drink and something to eat for a break during the exam.

The 30 minutes before the exam

As stated in the registration form, you need to be there at least 30 minutes before the exam starts and you will get all relevant (and irrelevant) information you need for the exam. On a table outside of the exam room you are allowed to put some water and something to eat in case you want to take a short break during the exam. Make sure to have with you an ID – identification document (with your signature).

The exam room

Before you enter the exam room, you will be checked like at the airport. You are allowed to take with you only your ID. Additionally, you will get a piece of paper and a pencil.

At your exam desk, you will find a mouse (no keyboard) and a screen. In addition, you will find some noise-cancelling headset (I used them: very helpful!) as other people doing other exams will be sitting next to you, typing on their keyboard all the time.

You can choose if you want to have one or more breaks during the exam. However, keep in mind that you will loose time as every time you will be re-entering the examination room, you will need to go through the check-in process (it take approx. 3 minutes each time).

The digital exam

As of July 2020, the CCXP certification exam is now available as a secured, proctored, online test utilizing Prometric’s ProProctor™ system. This is an additional option to the current opportunity to take the exam at an in-person testing center. This remote opportunity allows individuals to take the CCXP exam in a safe and secure environment such as their home or office, and is administered with a live exam proctor to facilitate and monitor the exam process.

source: Taking the Remote Proctor CCXP Exam Online – CXPA, accessed August 14th 2021

REMARK: the chapter “the digital exam” is written by Ravindra – Ravindra Patwardhan, CCXP | LinkedIn as Ravindra went through the Video Proctored / ProProctor exam.

Prometric site has wealth of information on the entire process to be followed for giving exam, without having to go to Prometric center.

Please use the following link to review the ProProctor user guide, which is self explanatory.

Prior to your exam launch, you need to install the ProProctor Application on your machine and perform a system check. I did this two days in advance, just to avoid doing it at the last minute.

Please use the following link for the same


DOs and DONTs for the exam at home

1. Go through the user guide and understand all details. Identify the place where you want to sit and give this exam in your home office or anywhere else. Do that well in advance, so you can keep the surroundings prepared to meet their stringent requirements.

2. Test the network connectivity at that place. It is also expected that you are the only one in the room, you won’t get disturbed with anyone walking in and the room is free of any other noise.

3. It starts with you logging in the app with required credentials. Once you login, your access to everything else on your machine is blocked. You are expected to login 15 mins prior to your exam time.

4. You need to wait patiently for the remote Proctor to show up on the video. Time they can take to attend to you depends on the exam load on a given day and time. Proctor will guide you through the validation and checking process, which goes on for around 5- 10 mins. In case of disconnection of session at either end, you have to go back to step 3 and wait for a new session to be initiated from Proctor’s end.

5. Keep multiple ID proofs with you. This is to make sure you have options, if the first proof isn’t found very legible. It happened in my case and I had to get up and look for another ID proof. It only increased my anxiety.

6. Apart from a valid ID proof, you are allowed to keep with you only one transparent bottle of water, two blank white paper sheets and a mechanical pen. So don’t keep anything else, as you will have to move out those things from exam area.

7. Please be aware that you are allowed only upto 10 mins of break time during the exam. You need to notify the proctor when you are about to take the break. Once you are back from the break, you need to notify the Proctor. Once you back, Proctor will carry out the checks all over again. These 10 mins are part of your exam duration. So plan your break only if / when it is necessary.

8. Ask all your queries to the Proctor before the exam begins. Check if the chat session is working properly. During the course of your exam duration, Proctor is available to respond to your queries only on chat.

9. Once you are done with answering all questions, let the proctor know before clicking “Finish” button.

10. Keep a back up network option available. In case your session gets disconnected, you have to go back to step 3 and go thru validation process all over again. You don’t lose the work you have done. You start your exam from the point where it got disconnected.

11. MOST IMPORTANTLY, over and above your exam duration, account for additional 30 – 45 mins to go thru the validation and security checks. This means you be mentally and physically prepared to sit at one place for duration longer than your exam duration. Knowing this is important, so you don’t lose your concentration during the exam time.

The exam itself

  • You have 3 hours (with no opportunity to stop the timer) to answer 100 multiple-choice questions with 4 options each and only one correct answer.
  • You have the opportunity to switch between the questions and bookmark some of them if you are not sure about your answers. You can come back later to those questions.

9 strategies to answer the questions

  1. Read carefully at least twice each word of the question and each word of the possible answers. I am 100% sure that each word is relevant, indeed it can completely change the sense of the answer (“the most relevant”, “the least relevant”, “the most relevant … during the discovery phase”)
  2. Think theoretically and never compare the answer with what you are doing in your company
  3. Apply the 18 principles from the book of Michael Bartlett link – amazon
  4. Use the exclusion rule: try to discard the less probable answer(s). Normally, you can quickly get to only 2 answers which could be the correct one
  5. Sometimes, you will find a long and a short version of the answer, with similar content. In many cases, the long version is the correct one (see principle number 3 of Michael B.’s video link – youtube)
  6. Use the bookmarking option: If you are not sure about your answer, bookmark it and comeback later
  7. Take a break and eat something after you went though all the 100 questions for the first time. You will get back with a fresh mind!
  8. Go through the questions you bookmarked and apply all the first 4 points
  9. If you are 80%+ sure about your answer don’t change it: it doesn’t make any sense to change all the answers you provided by questioning your expertise.

I hope this article can help you. However, these are only my thoughts and at the end of the day, your success depends only on you!

For any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you Ranvindra for sharing your digital experience!!! Ravindra Patwardhan, CCXP | LinkedIn

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