Certified Customer Experience Professional CCXP exam preparation

I am delighted for having received so many views (more than 5000!) and reactions to my post mentioning that I sat the CCXP exam and I passed it.

Several CCXP candidates asked me about my preparation and for some hints about how to tackle this exam and to get the CCXP recognition.


I would like to support other candidates achieving this important step in order to continue making this “science” more and more accessibleAt the end, the customer experience is the engine of our businesses.


There are 3 important steps related to the CCXP exam:

  1. The first one is to write the application
  2.  The second one is to prepare the exam
  3. The third step is to do the exam. After the exam is like before the exam: Continue focusing on this “science”!

 Today, I would like to focus on the second step because it is the most recent one for me.

The CCXP Simulator https://ccxpexamsimulator.com/

The CCXP Simulator of Michael Bartlett is really key. The questions are similar to the ones you will find in the real exam and they will provide you with a good overview on how the exam will look like (e.g. the 3h counter, the possibility to mark the questions…) as well as with a personalized study plan (based on your results, you get a suggestion on which of the 6 competencies you should focus on).

I bought the expert package which was really a good investment (cost/benefit) and if you think that “all taxable profits from the CCXP simulator will be awarded to a number of animal shelters”, we can only say “thank you, Michael” (source: https://ccxpexamsimulator.com/)

 Here you may find some practice questions which are ready to be answered:


You will find 40 questions to “check the pulse” on your CCXP readiness. Daniel Ord will then provide you feedback on your results via e-mail (he is responsive). From my point of view, these questions are easier than the real exam questions though.


I like hearing podcasts on CX while traveling. Here you will find some suggestions which you may find interesting: 

–      Forrester, The CX Cast

–      J. Bliss, The Chief Customer Officer – Human Duct Tame Show

–      J. Dodkins, Rockstar Customer Experience Show

–      M. Drumond, Voices of CX from Worthix

–      Toporek and J. Walters, Crack the Customer Code

 The podcasts just listed are the ones which I follow on a regular basis.


The following list is not exhaustive and I know it’s quite short. It’s my personal choice based on the fact that I have a limited amount of time to dedicate to reading. 

  • CCXP Exam Prep, M. Bartlett (must read)
  • Outside In, H. Manning, K. Bodine (must read)
  • Customer What, I. Golding (must read)
  • The Chief Customer Officer, J. Bliss
  • The Ultimate Question 2.0, F. Reichheld, R. Markey
  • The Effortless Experience, M. Dixon, N. Toman, R. DeLisi
  • Customer Experience for Dummies, R. Barnes, B. Kelleher

Articles, blogs and videos

A short list of my “usual suspects”:


I used Youtube as a refresher for several topics, like: design thinking foundation, lean, six sigma and statistics.

I hope this can help you, for any questions please feel free to contact me

… and if you pass the CCXP exam then you should buy something here: https://cxrockstore.com/  – I have no royalties 🙂

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