Saving your time by creating long lasting positive impact in your business

I am recognized a CX Thought Leader who make things happen in a consistent way.

I speak Italian, German and English. We talk the language you prefer.

Advisor to Senior Management

You will find out what really matters in the customer experience discipline by:

  • Understanding CX in a fast way
  • positively impacting your organization
  • creating long-lasting relationship with you (ideal) customers

Coach to CX Professionals

I will guide you through the different pillars of the customer experience discipline, so that:

  • you understand where to set the priorities
  • you find out where to start and how to scale
  • you impact the organization and you achieve your goals

I’ve known Gregorio for a few years through our common interest in Customer Experience. Gregorio is someone I can go to for advice and feedback. He has a great personality and has a lot of leadership experience.

β€” Jonathan

Gregorio is one of the most eclectic person i’ve met in my professional path. Always available to share ideas and practises over CX management, and creative to always find new approaches to take care of the customers and of the business as well…

β€” Simona

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