LinkedIn Live

Why me?

  • Delivered presentations in 4 continents over the last years
  • #10 TOP CX INFLUENCER 2022 (Customer Experience Magazine)
  • Top 10 Thought Leaders in Customer Loyalty (thinkers360)
  • TOP Influencer 2021 (Engati)

I commit to:

  • Bringing to your audience world class insights
  • Hosting the LinkedIn Live in a extremely professional way
  • Ensuring End-to-end service (prep, execution & after) tailored for you

Examples of already performed LinkedIn Live:

Customer Experience Aperitif

  • Together with the Customer Experience Professional Association in Switzerland
  • We delivered 3-5 LinkedIn Live with several guest creating an immense engagement on the CXPA Switzerland Page (+1000% views & related engagement) 

with Faran Niaz as additional guest

with Lynn Hunsaker

LinkedIn Strategy with Sarka Risch

  • Together with Sarka Risch we created a package of 3 LinkedIn Lives
  • Tailored to Sarka’s needs, I set up everything so that she was only focussed on the “on stage” time
  • Sarka received all the questions in advance

link to the live (German)

Score some LinkedIn Goals – CX Goalkeeper Coffee with Deanna Russo 

  • Together with Deanna we tailored one LinkedIn Live to best reach her target customers
  • I set up everything so that she was only focussed on the “on stage” time
  • Deanna received the complete video and an short video to share with her audience (incl. subtitles etc) afterwards

You can find here how Deanna leveraged the video, I created for her.

Your LinkedIn Live

based on your needs, I will prepared a presentation which

  • will engage the audience,
  • will make the audience will enjoy
  • will create a multiplicator effect, as the participants will share the word of mouth and come back to you.

 I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on Gregorio’s podcast/LinkedIn Live twice. Why am I a repeat customer, you may ask? It’s because he’s so easy to talk to. When you talk to Gregorio, you talk to a friend, a friend who genuinely cares about you and about the quality and value of the interview and event. If Gregorio asks me to be a guest again, I will say yes. I recommend you tune in and subscribe because it’s valuable, easy to listen to, and he genuinely cares about the guest and the quality of the product.

Deanna Russo

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