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The CX Goalkeeper podcast shares SMART discussions on Customer Experience, Transformation and Leadership.

To save YOUR time and to bring YOU and YOUR business on the leading edge. On a weekly basis, your host, Gregorio Uglioni, selects thought leaders to share world-class insights, actionable knowledge and tangible learnings.

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Brand Experience with Deirdre Martin Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper

The CX Goalkeeper had the great opportunity to interview Deirdre MartinLinkedIn Headline: Website & Marketing Strategies that actually work | Clarify your brand’s message | StoryBrand Certified Guide | Customer Experience Coach/Trainer | EQ Certified | Sales & Performance Coach| Best-Selling AuthorHighlights:00:00 Game Start00:33 Deirdre's introduction01:21 Deirdre's values03:04 Banding definition07:13 Why is branding so important?12:24 Preferred examples19:24 Where to start21:34 what was the impact of COVID-19 to branding?24:04 which are the biggest mistakes that companies are doing in relation to branding26:23 In 10 years time from now, what we're discussing about in relation to customer experience28:52 Deirdre's book suggestion30:39 Deirdre's contact details31:01 Deirdre's golden nugget and much more on #customerexperience #podcast #leadership #branding
  1. Brand Experience with Deirdre Martin
  2. Human interactions have evolved… so should your contact centre! with Anand Janefalkar Founder & CEO UJET – E102
  3. The Experience Economy with Joe Pine


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