CX Goalkeeper Summer Calendar 2021

From August 1st until August 15th, 2021, I published a daily suggestion on CX: an article, or a podcast. It’s worth it to go through this list!

CX Goalkeeper Summer Calendar

this list is NOT sponsored. All the suggestions were personally selected

Day 1

Amazon shareholders letter 2020

J. Bezos

Day 2

How To Measure Value For Customer, April 8, THE CX CAST, E252

Maxie Schmidt, Forrester


Calibrating NPS across 18 countries, XM Institute, Qualtrics

Bruce Temkin, Talia Quaadgras


The POZCAST – Episode 155 with GaryVee

Adam Posner

Day 5

the 100th Monkey Effect in CX Transformation

Santhakumaran Atmalingam

Day 6

The 8 Key Traits Of an Effective Customer Experience Leader, Customer Service Gold Dust Podcast, EP 20

Gavin Scott

Day 7

Make Customer Experience Development as Important as Product Development (2019)

Jeanne Bliss

Day 8

Necessity is the mother of customer co-creation,

Chip Bell

Day 9

Voices of CX by Worthix, deBBie akwara – Find Your Own Expression of CX – S7E6

Mary Drumond

Day 10

Podcast Press 1 for Nick E85 & 86 – 
Nick interviewing Chris Voss
Negotiation Coach & Bestselling Author “Never Split The Difference”, CEO The Black Swan Group, Ltd

Nick Glimsdahl

Day 11

CX Punk Chat – Ian Golding’s Interview

Federico Cesconi

Day 12

How to Do CX When You’re Not Made of Sugar: True Stories of German CX

Anna Noakes Schulze

Day 13

Fireside chats without the fires – Season 2: Episode 21 – CX Quality Management with Marc Karschies

Paul Catherall and Neal Topf

Day 14

Introduction to The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture

Ron Kaufman

Day 15

CX transformation: How to recognize opportunities for change

Rebecca Brown

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